Etude House Play Nails #50

Indoors. Artificial Light. No flash.
Indoors. Artificial Light. No flash.
Outdoors. Natural Light. No Flash.
I had no intentions of buying anything when I walked into Etude House, I swear. I should’ve known better.. that Etude House packaging will suck you in no matter how good your self control is; well in my case anyway. I did have pretty good self control, and only left with this nail polish and one other thing. I have a confession to make.. I’m pretty obsessed with Etude House nail polishes – they’re opaque, creamy, affordable, and they don’t get gloopy easily. And they have A LOT of beautiful, unique shades.
I wish they would name their polishes instead of numbering them, though. Oh well. This one is in the shade #50. They should name it something as exciting as the holographic properties of this polish! I look at their nail polishes every single time I walk into an Etude House store so it came as a shock to me when I saw this one and was like *where have you been all my li-i-i-ife?*
This is a beautiful, purple holo with a blue shift under direct light. It’s packed with microglitters of different shades of blue and purple, and it might be the most sparkly nail polish in my collection right now. I could literally sit and stare at my nails for hours.. well, not literally. The swatches above are 2 coats of this polish in #50, and one coat of top coat.
This is probably going to be my favourite fall shade this year. It’s a jewel-toned purple and it has a ton of sparkle and I love sparkle and this is amazing and I can’t even.
If you guys have never tried Etude House polishes, you definitely should. They have a huge variety of shades, and they are so affordable! 
I found this link from eBay (if you guys know which website stocks them, please let me know!), but I’ve never bought anything from this particular seller before but they have 99.9% positive feedback so I thought I’d share. You can get Etude House Play Nails polishes for only $4.89 each.
Thanks for reading, xoxo