Makeup Favourites | August 2014

Hey everyone! I’m done with finals and on my semester break at last! Seeing as it is only the start of September, I thought I would show you guys a couple of things I’ve been reaching for a lot in the month of August. As you guys know, finals involve lots of cramming, last minute studying and no time to get ready in the morning so I reach for these products that I know will work and save my face from looking like I didn’t sleep for days (which is partially true).
These are a couple of lifesavers for me in the morning. As you can see, these are basic makeup products because I don’t go all out and fancy on my makeup look for finals just because I don’t have the time. 

The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer has been my go-to product. Because I have oily-combination skin, this helps remove all the oil from my face and gives me a perfect base to do my makeup instantly. I haven’t been using a foundation, just powder on top of primer and I’m all done for the base.
The ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream in St Lucia is amazing! It has both bronzer and blush in one. The blush is a cream peach and the bronzer is a light-medium brown. They are a dream to blend and they’re really quick and easy to apply! The bronzer adds a little bit of dimension to my face and the blush adds a peachy touch and some “life”. 
I like either layering or wearing the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso alone. This is a beautiful shimmery peach colour that doubles as a highlighter for my face. It’s so pigmented, buttery and blendable. If I’m in the mood for a little more glow, I go for this one. A touch of this on my brush, sweep and we’re done. Super simple! 
The Buxom Lash mascara is a great every day mascara! My eyelashes have really grown out because of a serum that I’ve been using (a later post on this!) and this mascara really helps accentuate them. It lengthens, not so much volumise. It separates the lash really well and defines it while making it super black.
This Burt’s Bees Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil has been my absolute go-to lip balm. It’s amazing on chapped lips and instantly makes my lips feel baby soft. This also gets rid of fine lines on my lips so that lipstick goes on smooth. This is super moisturising, and smells delicious!
Lastly, my favourite lipstick this month is the Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in 536 Lucky! It’s a bright rosy-pink lipstick that pulls my look together. Lipstick is the most important part of a whole makeup look, and this one has the right amount of colour to make my tired face look fresh. Great pick-me-up colour! It glides on my lips really well and doesn’t feel heavy.
These products have done so well for me the last month (especially during finals!). I didn’t try out a bunch of new products in August, but it’s a new month and I’ll definitely be trying out some more products for future posts.
Thanks for reading, xoxo