Nail Polish Picks | Fall 2014

Fall is just around the corner and it’s time to bring back the jewel-tones and the deep colours. As the leaves fall, we kind of shed our colourful looks too right? There’s nothing wrong with wearing bright colours in the fall or winter (I do it quite often), but there are definitely some fall shades that I absolutely love!
Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant ($4.94 – Buy @ Walmart)
Shade: Perfect Penny
Nudes are perfect for all four seasons. We see them on runways, in magazines, and pretty much everywhere; but we never get tired of nudes. It’s beautiful, classy and always in style. I’m not much of a nude nails girl I must say, but this shade kind of makes up for it. It’s a light, coppery-bronze colour and it has tons of shimmer running through it. It’s an absolutely gorgeous alternative to a nude polish. This is a very wearable shade, and can also be worn to work.
Essie Nail Polish ($8.96 – Buy @ Walmart)
Shade: Trophy Wife
Jewel-tones are great for fall. They are a great combination of fall and just the right amount of colour. This shade is a beautiful emerald with shimmer and the finish is super glossy. This shade is one of those shades that make you feel all fancy (*you already know!* yep.). It’s a really unique shade (especially for Essie!) that’s eye-catching, yet classy. This shade is also really universally flattering on all skin tones.
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Colour ($3.97 – Buy @ Ulta)
Shade: Pronto Purple
Another beautiful jewel-tone. I think this shade is either discontinued, or it’s named differently outside Malaysia because I can’t seem to find this shade. This is a deep amethyst shade that has lots of shimmer and it has so much depth. It’s so gorgeous! I have two of these Insta-Dri nail polishes and they dry really quickly (hence the name) and are super opaque. They have a weird smell though. 
OPI Nail Polish ($9.50 – Buy @ Ulta)
Shade: Keeping Suzi At Bay
I love wearing blue nail polishes (my sister would be like “yeah I know” right about now). This is kind of like a mix between a royal blue and a navy blue. This shade is my go-to if I need something quick that I know will work. The formula is a little thin, so you have to apply the polish properly (not sloppily like how I did in the swatch :p) to get an even coverage, and you’d need 2-3 coats.
OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish ($9 – Buy @
Shade: Alcatraz… Rocks
I absolutely love OPI’s Liquid Sands, which is their version of textured polishes. They’re fantastic: they dry fast, they’re so sparkly and they have tons of different shades. This one I absolutely adore! It’s a dark purple base with multi-colored glitter. One coat is opaque enough but two coats is perfect!
Those were my top nail polish picks for Fall! I absolutely love dark nail polish – especially ones with tons of sparkle in a deep base! Bring it on, Fall!
Thanks for reading, xoxo

What nail polish shade are you most excited to wear in the fall?