Spa Day At Home | Gloomy Fall Days

Fall is right around the corner, and the weather has begun to change. There’s definitely more gloomy, rainy days and what does that call for? A Spa Day At Home, of course! Rainy days make me want to stay indoors and just relax in the comforts of my own home. I definitely don’t have time to do this every rainy day, but when I have time or it’s a weekend, I do a little pampering session to just unwind. My spa day in is really simple and only consists of a few products.

Scented Candles or Fragrance Oils

I wish we had as many scented candles on sale here in Malaysia as Bath & Body Works, but we don’t so we’ll have to improvise! I use fragrance oils with an oil burner. First step to relaxation – burn your favourite scented candle or fragrance oil! Nothing relaxes you more than a wonderful scent. I use fragrance oils from The Body Shop, and my favourites are: Cranberry Joy (which is a Christmas scent, I think), Pomegranate & Raspberry, and Mandarin & Tangelo. I love my fruity scents, as you can probably tell :p

Body Scrub

Scrub away the week’s worth of tiring hard work, and also dead skin. My favourite body scrub is: Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub (it smells like pancakes with maple syrup.. I can’t even.)

Bubble Bath

A long, warm bath – what better way to relax? Drop in your favourite bubble bar from Lush, or your favourite bubble bath gels. Get a ton of bubbles in the tub, get it there and drown away the stress! To me, getting into a warm tub of bubble bath is like one of those *good sigh* moments. All the stress just melts away and there’s nothing in my mind but happiness. I haven’t tried bubble bath gels, but my favourite LUSH Bubble Bars¬†are: The Comforter (sweet & fruity), and Creamy Candy (sweet). Sometimes I like to drop half of a Bath Bomb in there too. My favourite bath bombs are: Butterball (ultimate relaxer and skin softener with cocoa butter and everything!), Twilight (for a relaxing Lavender scent), and Tisty Tosty (for a wonderful rose scent, and beautiful dried flowers!).

A Good Book

Okay, so I’m a chick lit kind of gal (does anyone still say “gal”?). I love my cheesy romance novels and there’s no better time to read a good book than in your wonderful warm bubble bath. Sometimes I love a little more Sci-Fi or a little more Mystery, just kind of depends on what I’m feeling at the moment I guess. The book I’m currently reading is Afterwife by Polly Williams (pretty cool book. Wife dies, her “spirit” stays and looks after her husband, tries to find a good fit to be his new wife. Pretty hilarious book.). My favourite books are: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire (typical girl meets bad boy, falls in love, but with a ton of “passion”, it’s a pretty “adult” novel, but nothing excessive *ahem*50 shades*ahem*), and the Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld (pretty cool sci-fi series, with cool girly technology).


Doesn’t matter if you prefer blasting your favourite music out loud, or listening to them from your phone with a pair of headphones in – music is probably your best friend when it comes to destressing. I love Spotify for music, you can listen to your favourite songs for free at home, and also you can get Spotify Premium to listen to the songs offline.
Download: [Spotify]

Body Butter

Hop out of the shower, dry yourself and slather on a thick, moisturising body butter and let your skin soak it all up! I prefer using lightweight body lotions instead of body butters every day just because they’re on the heavier side, but I love body butters after a bubble bath! I love the Body Shop Body Butters and my favourite scents are: Strawberry Body Butter, and the Mango Body Butter.

Manipedi at Home!

My last step to a spa day in is probably to do my nails while listening to music. I do the whole manipedi at home – hand mask, hand cream and stuffs to get soft, smooth hands. And then paint on my favourite shade of nail polish! I have a whole post on my favourite shades right now (for Fall 2014!) if you would like to check it out. This one I’m showing in the pictures above is: OPI’s In The Cable Car Pool Lane (a beautiful, deep red-purple).
Phew! That was a pretty long post! And guess what.. it’s raining outside! I’m gonna go soak in a warm bath, and read a good book, and do my nails…. nah, I’m just kidding. I have to get to class! Bye!

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