Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger!

Have you ever noticed how professional makeup artists can make even small eyes look big, bright and beautiful? Sure you have. We’ve all seen photographs of celebrities with and without makeup and it can often be difficult to believe that they are actually the same people with the same sized eyes. What many people don’t realize is that some of their tried and tested makeup routines can actually make the eyes look smaller and if eyes really are the window to the soul then we want them to be a large as possible.
So how can you make even rather small eyes look bigger and more beautiful?
Your Eye Lashes
Taking good care of your eye lashes can make an enormous difference to how large or small your eyes look. We’re not just talking mascara here (which, of course, everyone should use) but what to do before you apply your mascara – curl them. This helps to give the eyelashes more body and open wider. Some people may like to use false eyelashes; others are not so comfortable with them and that’s okay. Another eyelash trick is to not bother with the lower lashes, this can make the eyes look cluttered up and smaller than ever. You’re probably better off just using a little colored eyeliner down there instead.
Your Eyebrows
If your eyebrows are perfectly groomed and perfectly shaped it creates a very flattering frame above the eyes. Accentuating the eyes will make them appear larger – bingo! Make sure that all stray hairs are tweezed away both below and above the eyebrows and any small gaps can be subtly filled using a soft eyebrow pencil. When you have finished brush the eyebrows up (this is important) to help create a defined, clean and clear shape.
The Colors You Use
Thinking about the colors of eye makeup you choose can make a big difference. Too many of us get stuck into a rut when it comes to makeup colors with brown / black eye pencils but using something a little different can make a huge difference. Try navy eye liner pencils which really can help the whites of your eyes appear to be brighter and hence your entire eyes larger. Lavender, for example is very brightening and flattering for most eye colors. Silvers, pinks and aqua eye shadows look great on bare eyelids if mixed with plenty of mascara and well groomed eye brows.
The Waterline
This is one area where some people make their eyes look dramatic and smoky but also inadvertently reduce their size. If you want your eyes to look bigger and better ditch the dark colors for the waterline (the lower line between the eyes and the lashes) and go for something light – a white eye pencil can make a heap of difference.
The Highlight
Learn how to highlight well and your eyes will always look big, bright and beautiful. It is quite a simple technique once you know what you’re doing. Put a little highlighter / pearly eye shadow into the center of your lids, directly beneath the eye brows and onto the inner corners of the eye and they will look instantly wide awake and lifted. It really can make a world of difference.
Although it’s nice to have makeup professionally done every once in a while and see the effects which can be achieved, we don’t all have to book spaces in salon chairs to achieve our desired looks. We can do it ourselves at home with just a little practice.
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