ELF Moisturizing Lipsticks

ELF is one of those brands that is either a hit or miss for me- some of their products are my holy-grails, like their Eyebrow Kit, Blushes and Brushes; and some not so great. In a recent purchase from their online store, I picked up two of their Moisturizing Lipsticks. I’ve heard pretty good things about these and I’m kind of obsessed withlipstick, and they’re only about $3 each so I thought why not.

I picked up the shades Coral Cutie and Pink Minx. Coral Cutie is a bright pink-leaning coral. Pink Minx is a light, nudy-pink colour. They’re both glossy, but they don’t have any shimmer or glitter in them. 

The formula of these lipsticks are very pigmented, and they feel lightweight on the lips. They have a almost MAC lipstick-like scent.. (you know, that batter-y, idk scent that all MAC lipsticks have). I personally really like nice smelling lipsticks instead of those that smell like crayons. These do last a pretty long time on the lips.

However, these aren’t as creamy as I expected. When I see something that says “moisturising”, I’d expect it to be creamy and easy to apply because they usually have some oil in there to moisturise, right? These are so dry that when I go to apply it, it actually drags my lips. These also tend to settle in the cracks and lines of my lips.

I mean, for $3, these are pretty good since they have great pigmentation and they feel nice on the lips. Using a lip balm underneath would probably solve the problem. I don’t find myself reaching for these that often so I probably wouldn’t get more shades. Have you tried ELF Moisturizing Lipsticks? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading, xoxo