Makeup Revolution | Affordable, High Quality Makeup Finally in Malaysia

Makeup Revolution has finally launched in Malaysia! Well, they actually launched about a month or two ago. Makeup Revolution is a UK brand that sells high quality, really affordable makeup at prices as low as RM8! They also bring out many products that are dupes of high end makeup – they have a palette similar to each of the Naked palettes, they have foil eyeshadows similar to the Stila Foil Shadows, and they also have blushing hearts, similar to the one from Too Faced.

Today I’m reviewing a couple of their products – a palette, a blush, an eyeliner, and a lip duo.

Redemption Palette Essential Day to Night Palette (RM32 – Click to buy)
This palette comes with 12 shades. It has a good mix of neutrals and just the right amount of colour. These eyeshadows are all shimmery. Most of the eyeshadows in this palette are super buttery and pigmented, while a select few are chalky and not all that pigmented. The first eight eyeshadows, and the last one starting from the left of the palette are all absolutely beautifully formulated. This is a great palette for, as the name suggests, day to night looks. You can do a neutral look in the morning, and add some colour and smoke it out for a beautiful night look.

Cream Blush in Framboise Shake (RM12 – Click to buy)
The packaging on my cream blush broke 🙁 This colour is a cool-toned pink with no shimmer. This blush is super pigmented and it’s an absolute dream to blend! This also has no trouble staying on for a couple of hours, but if you dust on a powder blush over top, it’ll last a longer time. 

Amazing Eyeliner Waterproof Black (RM12 – Click to buy)
My favourite liquid eyeliner by far! The brush tip of this is a little bit harder and not as flexible (which I like) because it’s easy to use and won’t flick the liquid eyeliner all over your face lol. The brush is also super versatile – you can draw thin or thick lines depending on the angle. This is seriously waterproof. I put this to the test three days ago. I wore this in the morning at 7:30am, left the house and went about my day, got home at 5pm, did some dance and work out while wiping sweat off my face for an hour, then jumped into the shower and WASHED MY HAIR. Naturally I got water on my face, but this stayed on when I came out of the shower. This is really really long lasting and waterproof. I love it!

Lip Power in It’s My Life (RM24 – Click to buy)
This is a duo of lipstick and lipgloss. This is in the shade It’s My Life. The lipstick on this one is a little more pink than the lip gloss. The lip gloss is a nude-peach colour. This lip duo is okay, but not amazing. The formula of the lipstick is creamy, but can be improved. The lip gloss is a little sticky.

Overall, my first impression on these Makeup Revolution products are really good. Considering they’re so cheap (compared to drugstore prices that range from RM20-RM50), they are super good quality! I really want to try their dupe products, and I think I’m gonna pass an order online. What do you think of these products? Have you ever tried them? What’s your favourite product from them?

Thanks for reading, xoxo
  • AHHHH! Aren’t you guys lucky!!! I totally would be glad to pick up one of their eyeshadow palettes and some of their lipsticks! That palette you have looks like a great dupe for the MUA Dawn till dusk palette! Love the look you did!

    • You said you’re from SG in your last comment, right? I googled a little, and looks like Makeup Revolution is also available in Singapore! They have a facebook page, a website and everything!

  • Sarah Nafisa Hoque

    Where can I buy makeup revolution ultra strobe balm in Malaysia?? Can u help me please?, their website is under maintanance 🙁

    • Sorry for my late reply. I think as of now, the only way you can buy Makeup Revolution is on their website. They might also have an official online retailer, you can check their Instagram page 🙂