Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop

Hey guys! Today’s post is a review on the Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pops! I think these are pretty new (not new new but considerably new..). It was the first time I saw them in Malaysia when I picked them up about a month or two ago. There are three shades from this line: a pink, a purple, and an orange. I only picked up the pink and the orange because purple is really not my kind of shade.

Basically these Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pops are the original Baby Lips formula but with neon colours! I am a huge fan of the original Baby Lips formula, and I have a few of them and a few of their coloured ones as well. The thing I find with their normal coloured ones are that they aren’t all that pigmented so they don’t give much of a colour to the lips. 

These Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop gives much more colour to the lips. They give a sheer wash of colour, but is buildable to full-on bold coverage. The formula is also super moisturising. I have been using this in place of lipstick most days because it also fills in the lines on the lips and leaves my lips looking soft, moisturised, and with a pop of colour. 

The scent of these differ with their shades. The pink one I have is supposed to be watermelon-scented, but it smells like candy and I LOVE IT. The orange one smells like dishwash soap so I’m not a huge fan.

I wear the pink one all the time, but not so much the orange. The pink gives a beautiful pop of pink, but I feel like the orange is a very light, muted orange. It’s not neon enough to give an orange colour to the lips.

Lastly, lets talk about the packaging. I love that it is the clear cap packaging because the ones on sale in Malaysia is usually the typical lip balm packaging with a tiny cap (check out this post to see how it usually looks like, and for some of my favourite lip balms!). However, I hate that the product doesn’t twist down completely (see second pic above) so when you go to close the cap, if you’re not careful, it hits the product and it’s a big mess.

The Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop shade in “Pink Shock” has been my go-to shade every single day. I love the formula of these! Have you ever tried these? What are your thoughts? Leave them in a comment! 🙂

Thanks for reading, xoxo