Visada: The Most Advanced Beauty App on the Market

There are literally thousands of beauty products in the market right now, and finding ones that are right for you can be very tedious. Thankfully, there’s an app that stands out from the rest by providing users with personalized product recommendations based on a selfie. 

Visada is a revolutionary app that takes advantage of the facial recognition technology of today’s smartphones. When a person takes a selfie and uploads it using Visada, the app analyses the photo and creates a comprehensive beauty profile to give the user a highly-personalized beauty advice. 

Visada uses an advanced algorithm in computer vision created by a team of experts in order to deliver accurate results. 

All it takes is a picture 
Users who want to know what’s best for their skin, hair, and face just needs to take a selfie. Then, the app’s very own computer vision technology will analyze the picture to create a personalized beauty profile. Think of the app as a digital beautician. It knows exactly what’s best for a user’s pale skin, oily hair, or an acne breakout. The iPhone 6’s camera quality compliments the app very well. In 2012, entertainment hub Pocket Fruity deemed the iPhone 4S as a handheld with “extremely powerful and complex features,” having a 3.7 inch retina display. While it can still provide accurate data for the app, Apple’s newest smartphone is much better since it has a whopping 4.7-inch Retina HD display with 1334×750 resolution. 

Thousands of products 
Visada has thousands of beauty products in its database. Since it doesn’t patronize any brand, the app is always objective in providing a list of beauty products. Apart from makeup and hair products, the app has product recommendations for cleansing, moisturizing, and even skin treatment. 

Get tips from the experts 
Visada doesn’t stop from providing a personalized beauty profile based on a selfie. It also provides the latest news in beauty, trends, and looks. The articles that can be found in Visada are provided by beauty experts all over the world, including make-up artists of Hollywood celebrities. 

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