Chloe & Bella Valentines Day Duo

Chloe & Bella Valentines Day Duo
Bottle Shots: Chloe & Bella Valentines Day Duo
Swatch of Chloe & Bella Devotion
Close Up Swatch of Chloe & Bella Devotion
Swatch of Chloe & Bella Desire
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Already planned an amazing day with your special someone or your girlfriends, but what nail polish will you wear!? I’m probably staying home on Valentines Day, and if you’re like me, here are the Chloe & Bella Valentines Day nail polishes to cheer us up! 

This Valentines duo comes with two colours – ‘Devotion’ is a sweet heart pink with pink and white heart and round glitters. Perfect polish that shows the sweeter side of Valentines Day. ‘Desire’ is a sexy red round, heart and square glitter in a black base that showcase the sexier side of Valentines Day.

Devotion is a beautiful polish and I think it sums up Valentines Day the best – super sweet and fun. The formula of this is a little bit sheer, but you can build it up to full opacity with 3 coats. I used 1 coat on top of a baby pink colour, just because I like more of a sparse glitter look with chunkier glitters like the heart glitters in this. This is definitely the polish to go to when you’re out and about with the boyfriend, or just if you like pink.

Desire is the sexy polish. Red always screams sexy, and pairing the red glitters with a black base just ups the sexiness on this one. I love the combination of red and black together. This polish gets opaque in 2 coats, but again I used 1 coat above Chloe & Bella’s Black Out (black creme) polish. 

I love these nail polishes, and they’re available through Valentines Day on the Chloe & Bella website. These retail for $9.95. They are the perfect polishes to pair with your outfit for Valentines Day. Are you going sweet, or sexy this Valentines Day?

Chloe & Bella:
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