Body Whitening & Brightening Routine with NIVEA

NIVEA Whitening + Brightening Skin Products
NIVEA Whitening + Brightening Skin Products
NIVEA Whitening + Brightening Skin Products
NIVEA Whitening + Brightening Skin Products
NIVEA Whitening + Brightening Skin Products
The term “whitening” is on almost every Asian beauty product and some people are afraid to use them. This term refers more to brightening up the skin to achieve glowy, rosy skin rather than actually lightening your skintone. Bright, glowy skin gives an overall healthy look. 

I love using brightening products because I do have some sun spots/pigmentation on my skin that makes my skin look dull and bleh. I’m always on the hunt to find great “whitening” products that can lighten these spots and brighten up my skin to make it look glowy and radiant.

Dull skin can result from one (or both) of mainly two reasons – dry, dead skin or sun damaged skin. Dry, dead skin on the surface of the skin can look flaky resulting in rough skin, and also dull out the skin. Sun damaged skin usually shows in sun spots, age spots, or uneven skintone.

Nivea sent me some stuff and this duo of skin brightening products really caught my eye – the Nivea Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum and the Nivea Whitening Night Serum

The Nivea Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum is a day moisturiser for the body. This has SPF33 to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays and also prevents future sun spots at the same time. The Vitamin C in this product is 95% pure to help with repairing the sun damaged skin while improving skin elasticity.

The Nivea Body Whitening Night Serum is like the name suggests, a night moisturiser. With 10 precious nutrients including Vitamin C Derivative, Vitamin E and Anti-Melanin Complex with Rucinol helps smoothen skin, lock in moisture, and brighten skin among other great benefits. 

The day moisturiser is a lot more watery in consistency and feels lighter on the skin. Since I live in a tropical country, it’s always very humid and warm so I like something light and refreshing on the skin in the day time. The consistency of this moisturiser makes it very easy to absorb into the skin so it doesn’t feel like a waxy layer on the surface of my skin. This also protects me from UVA and UVB rays. This is very moisturising on the skin and after using it for a few weeks, my skin is a lot smoother and feels very moisturised. It definitely also helped reduce the dullness of my skin by lightening my sun spots and giving me overall brighter skin.

The night moisturiser is a heavier, creamier consistency but it still absorbs pretty well into the skin. I typically don’t mind having a bit of a heavier body lotion on when I sleep as long as it doesn’t make me feel super warm (and all sweaty) at night. This still feels very refreshing and smells absolutely heavenly – super relaxing! This product makes my skin feel and look more moisturised when I wake up. 

Using these products together has really helped my skin look brighter and more glowy. It moisturises my skin so well that all the dull, dead skin is gone, leaving brighter and smoother skin. It also lightened the sun spots I have, and prevented new ones from forming, leaving me with brighter skin.
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