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Want fresh, hydrated skin for summer without feeling greasy? I was sent the newly formulated L’Oreal Hydra Fresh range which recently hit stores to try out. I have combination (mostly oily) skin, and it’s tough to find a range of skincare (especially from the drugstore) that will moisturise my face without making it feel greasy or oily.
This collection is also amazing for Summer, because it is very cooling on the skin, and can help soothe sunburns. It will help reduce the red, patchy, flaky, sunburned skin by morning, with their spotlight product, the HydraFresh Night Mask In Jelly.
L'Oreal HYDRAFRESH | Beauty Nerd By Night
This range consists of a cleansing foam, a spa water, moisturiser and a night jelly. These products all work together to help you achieve hydrated skin without the greasiness and stickiness of moisturisers. These are from the drugstore, so they are very affordable.

L'Oreal HYDRAFRESH Cream Cleanser | Beauty Nerd By Night
The HydraFresh Creamy Foam Cleanser is a cleansing cream to foam (like the name suggests), and it claims to cleanse the impurities and left over makeup from your face without stripping out your skin’s natural oil. I honestly haven’t tried this so I can’t say much about it. I have tons of opened cleansers, but I’ll definitely try this one out and keep you guys posted!
L'Oreal HYDRAFRESH Spa Water | Beauty Nerd By Night
The HydraFresh Spa Water is an amazing toner for the skin. I LOVE this stuff! I don’t use it much like a traditional toner (cotton pad and wipes off left over dirt), I pour some on my (clean!)palms and pat it into my skin. It’s a milky solution and soaks into the skin so fast. It makes my skin feel amazingly hydrated, and it’s very cooling. 
If you get sunburned in the Summer, no worries! Use some cotton pads, or a dry mask sheet, soak it with this spa water, put it on your face and relax! It will cool your face down and soothe the sunburns. If you have sunburns on your body, use cotton pads soaked with this and place it on the burn.

L'Oreal HYDRAFRESH Mask-In Water Gel | Beauty Nerd By Night
L'Oreal HYDRAFRESH Mask-In Water Gel | Beauty Nerd By Night
Follow up with the HydraFresh Mask-In Water Gel to further moisturise and lock in the moisture of your skin. This moisturiser is a “water gel” and therefore is very lightweight on the skin. I hate moisturisers that kind of sit on your skin instead of being absorbed. I like using a generous amount of this on the skin and then patting it in and it absorbs really well. It usually absorbs within 15-20 seconds (with patting) to a minute (without patting).
This is also very cooling and refreshing to the skin so it’s great for not just Summer, but after a long day out at work, school, etc, to bring back moisture into your skin. It’s like a gulp of water for my skin after a long day. 

L'Oreal HYDRAFRESH Night Mask-In Jelly | Beauty Nerd By Night
L'Oreal HYDRAFRESH Night Mask-In Jelly | Beauty Nerd By Night
Now here is the secret weapon to waking up to beautiful, hydrated skin – the HydraFresh Night Mask-In Jelly! This product is a sleeping mask that puts moisture into your skin while you’re sleeping while also locking in the moisture to avoid your skin from losing moisture to the surrounding (especially if you sleep with the AC on). This product, does absorb into the skin a little, but it definitely sits on your skin. The absorbed product helps to moisturise, whereas the ones sitting on top of the skin help protect your skin from dry air. 
I only put this on right before I go to sleep because it is a bit sticky, but not to the point where all your hair gets stuck on your face. I wake up the next day, wash this off my face, and I’m left with really moisturised, bright and bouncy skin. Again, this would be amazing for sunburns because while you’re sleeping, it soothes and calms your skin while intensely hydrating it.
I love this L’Oreal HydraFresh range so much that it has quickly replaced my previous skincare routine products. I use these products (except the Night Jelly) twice a day – once in the morning, and once at night. I use the night jelly once every three days. I love how it makes my face feel, especially when I wake up, and also throughout the day. 
If you’re looking for a great skincare range to hydrate your face minus the oiliness, or you want a great multitasking range that also helps soothe sunburns, this is the way to go.
You can buy this range from leading pharmacies (Watsons, Guardian, Caring, etc), and if you’re international, check your local drugstores.

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*PR Samples. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.
  • hello! these looks great, and i’ve heard so much about their hydrafresh range! looking forward to see you share about the cleanser too 🙂

    Celly | Asian beauty and makeup blogger

    • Oh they’re amazing! I just used up the Mask-In Water Gel, and I’m definitely going to repurchase 🙂