BAWANG Ladies Hair Fall Control

I’ve been experiencing hair fall recently and I have no idea why. I go into the shower and wash my hair, comb through some conditioner with my fingers and so much hair comes out! I have been freaking out and the typical hypochondriac me have been googling but surprisingly, to no avail. What I have found though, is that a normal person loses about 50-100 strands of hair in a day, so if that seems to be your count, it’s totally normal! If it’s more than your usual number of hair loss, make sure it’s not due to medical concerns!
BAWANG Ladies Hair Fall Control
BAWANG Ladies Hair Fall Control

What Are the Common Causes of Hair Fall?

Medical concerns aside, there are many common causes of hair fall. The most common includes hair that is too oily, too dry, or dandruff problems. They are all inter-related, as an oily scalp causes sebum that attracts dust and makes your hair all clump together, resulting in dandruff, that causes hair fall. Dry hair, on the other hand, doesn’t have enough nutrients, or oil and it gets weak, causing hair fall. Sometimes hair fall isn’t even hair fall at all, it’s simply your hair breaking (this is especially true if you have long hair) if your hair isn’t strong enough. If this is the case, try a hair fall control shampoo, like this one I’m reviewing today, the BAWANG Ladies Hair Fall Control Shampoo. Other reasons include stress, age, and poor diet.
This shampoo couldn’t have come at a better time. I have a super oily scalp, but really dry hair (does that make sense?). What hair fall products generally do (or they promise to) is regulate the production of oil, balance pH levels, and strengthens the structure of the hair to prevent breaking. Does these BAWANG Ladies Hair Fall Control products do all that?

BAWANG Ladies Hair Fall Control

The BAWANG Ladies Hair Fall Control Shampoo contains all natural and mild hair fall control essences that help stimulate the scalp to to absorb all the nutrients in the shampoo. The nutrients in the shampoo help with hair growth, and help control hair loss and breakage. The BAWANG Ladies Hair Fall Control Conditioner, on the other hand, contains natural ingredients that help to repair and moisturise hair. It replenishes lost nutrients and water, leaving your hair fuller and healthier.

Does It Work?

The scent of these products are really pleasant. The shampoo has more of a fragrance than the conditioner (which smells a little sour honestly), but it’s a very light and refreshing scent. Starting with the shampoo, it strips the oil off of my scalp and leaves it feeling clean, dry and refreshed. However, it also leaves the rest of my hair feeling super dry. Following it up with the conditioner, however, puts the moisture back into my hair. Since you’re only supposed to apply conditioner on your hair (and not the roots!), it keeps my scalp dry, and the rest of my hair moisturised.
The first thing I noticed after using this was how healthy and soft my hair feels. My hair has become more manageable, and looks shinier. It has definitely regulated my hair oils, and my scalp doesn’t get too oily anymore. As for hair fall control, I can tell that my hair fall has significantly lessened, but it doesn’t completely stop falling out (like I said, the usual 50-100 is fine). I’ll definitely continue to use this just to further strengthen my hair and get my hair to it’s healthiest, and fullest.
If you’ve been experiencing hair fall, or hair breakage, I definitely recommend trying out this product. Even if you don’t have problems with excessive hair fall, I would recommend this if you have long hair, or really dull and weak hair because it really helps smooth out the hair, and strengthen the structure of your hair.
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