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I have a huge amount of love for Asian skincare because, well, I mean.. have you seen those Asian women who look 20 when they’re actually 50? Haha. Yea, but no, it’s really because I’ve found quite a few of my holy grail skincare products from Asian brands, and they’re just more accessible compared to western brands here in Malaysia.
Today I have a review on two skincare products from the well-known Asian brand ALOVIVI. I was sent these products¬†by Grenero to try out. Grenero is an e-retail store that stocks popular Asian skincare products. I’m reviewing ALOVIVI Triple Lotion (Pore Care) and also their 100% Collagen Extract today.
Alovivi Triple Lotion (Pore Control) ReviewAlovivi Triple Lotion (Pore Control) Review
The Alovivi Triple Lotion – Pore Care (RM44) is a toner that contains witch hazel. Witch hazel is great for acne skin and also for acne scars. This Pore Care one helps to regulate oil production on your face and is also an extra step in cleansing your face and really getting rid of all the dirt on your face so there’s no dirt left to clog your pores, thus reducing the appearance of pores.
I’ve been using this for the past month and I have to say I’m really loving it. It has a very soothing, relaxing scent and it feels very cooling and calms my skin down. My skin feels fresh and moisturised after using this. This is especially good after a long day! Since it has witch hazel, my skin has been looking much brighter and smoother since my acne scars have faded quite a significant amount.
Alovivi Collagen Extract 100% Review
This ALOVIVI Collagen Extract 100% (RM122) can be used as a material for cosmetics or also directly on the skin. It is supposed to help firm the skin, help the skin gain back elasticity and to reduce all signs of aging.
I didn’t use this because I was told that it is targeted more toward mature skin so I gave it to my mum to test out. She’s been using it for more than a month now and the bottle is almost gone. My mum takes care of her skin so well, she’s tried tons and tons of anti-aging skincare out there so I was really excited to hear her thoughts on this.
“The collagen extract serum is great because it absorbs into the skin so easily and doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky residue on the face. After using this for more than a month, I’ve definitely felt a difference in the texture of my skin. It feels bouncier and smoother. My skin has also physically improved- my face looks firmer and brighter.” – Beauty Nerd Mama
I really like Asian skincare and I’ve been loving ALOVIVI skincare products so much. I am testing out their best-selling Makeup Removing Water and will keep you guys updated!
Thanks for reading, xoxo
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