Summer to Fall Transition Essentials

It’s funny I’m writing this post right now while in Australia where it’s Winter transitioning to Spring, but I’ve actually had this post planned with for a long time now. You know the period between Summer and Fall where it seems to be getting colder and you’re tired of wearing brights but it seems like it’s too early to be wearing dark colors? Well, here are some products that will get you ready for Fall! 🙂
Summer to Fall Transition Essentials | A Good Sunscreen

1) A Good Sunscreen

3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream (RM65)

A good sunscreen is a necessity all year long! I used to have this misconception that sunblock is only for the hotter seasons and there’s no point using it during fall and winter. Boy was I wrong! Even when the weather gets colder, and the days get gloomier, Mr Sun is still there lighting up our days and at the same time also producing harmful rays that are dangerous to the skin. A good sunscreen with an adequate SPF number, like this 3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream, will do the job of blocking these harmful rays. Even if you are in an indoor environment all day (school, office, etc), it is recommended to have at least SPF20 on your skin.

Summer to Fall Transition Essentials | A Lightweight Base

2) A Lightweight Base

Laneige BB Cushion (RM127.70)

Unless you have great skin (jelly!), a great base is necessary to keep your skin looking fresh, bright and flawless. But there’s nothing worse than feeling a thick layer of heavy coverage foundation on your face! On a day to day basis, I like to use something lightweight, yet gives me decent coverage while keeping my shine at bay, like this Laneige BB Cushion (review here). A BB cream is much lighter than a foundation and is supposed to be makeup + skincare which benefits your skin.

Summer to Fall Transition Essentials | A Good Nude Lipstick

3) A Good Nude or “MLBB” Shade

CLIO Virgin Kiss Tension Lip in 12 Butter Kiss (RM59.06)

A good in between brights and darks shade is a neutral colour. You can never go wrong with nudes! However, nudes can be tricky as one colour will not work on every skin tone. With nudes, there are pink based nudes, brown based and peach based nudes that all work on different skintones. If you’re not a nude lipstick gal, go for something that looks very natural on the lips, sort of like a “My Lips But Better” (MLBB) shade. For my yellow-based, medium tan skin, I like to go with either a pink or brown based nude, or a light natural MLBB pink, like this Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip in 12 Butter Kiss. A peach based nude will wash out my complexion and give me “concealer lips”. Find a good nude or MLBB shade for your skin tone, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer to fall transition shade!

Summer to Fall Transition Essentials

4) A Whitening Cream

Cloud9 Whitening Cream (RM122.07)

Now I know this is not for everyone! This product is definitely targeted more towards Asians as we always crave white, bright, porcelain skin! I have to say I’m more “westernised” and I like my tan skin. However, most of my friends are always asking me for a good whitening cream. Well, this Cloud9 Whitening Cream is it! It has a white tinge on it that will brighten your skin instantly when you put it on, and will gradually lighten and brighten your skin. This is great if you’ve gotten super tan over the summer and want to lighten or brighten your skin a little bit for fall.
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Fall is coming soon, and these products can help you get ready or even give you a kick start! Bring on the colder months! What are your Summer to Fall Transition Essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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