Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil in Sin

Hi guys! I swear I’m the worst blogger ever – I haven’t updated my blog for like a month now. There is a (good enough, hopefully!) reason this time… I just started university, doing my degree in Chemical Engineering. It’s only Week 5, and I’m already thinking.. why didn’t anyone warn me ahead of time that it was going to be this busy? Of course I’m still going to try my best to update my blog regularly, or I might schedule posts for the entire week when I have time on Sundays!
Anyway, rambling aside, this post kicks off my reviews of the products from my Asian/Australian swap I did two months ago. In that swap, I got one of these Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencils in the shade Sin. At that moment, Nudestix wasn’t available here in Malaysia but I actually spotted them in Sephora last weekend, woohoo!
Nudestix has (that I know of) cream eyeshadows, concealers, lips and cheek colours in, well, sticks! This Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil is a cream lip and cheek colour in a pencil (obviously. haha) form and all their products come  in a sturdy metal case with a huge mirror, and also a sharpener. Lets talk about packaging – I LOVE IT! I feel that they really took the time and thought out everything, with the sharpener so each individual shade has it’s own sharpener and the colours don’t mix with one another, and also the mirror is a huge bonus!
I also love that it is in a pencil form, so it’s really easy to throw in your purse for on the go! The metal case is great for travelling as you can keep your product and also the sharpener in there and nothing can hurt the precious Nudestix pencil.


They have a ton of shades and Angela picked out the shade Sin for me, which is a gorgeous medium rose-berry (is there such a thing?!) shade. I am absolutely in love with this colour! It is an amazing every day colour and looks so beautiful on the skin. On the cheeks, it looks like a beautiful rosy flush, and on the lips, it’s a gorgeous natural pink shade. This shade is completely matte, which I love, so there are no shimmers or glitter flecks in it.


Onto the formula, this is the best part of the entire product! The formula is heavenly. I typically like using these types of products on the cheeks instead of the lips but this actually works well on both the cheeks and lips. This product blends like a DREAM. On my cheeks, I draw on a few X’s on where I would normally ‘blush’, and then blend it out with my fingers and voila! Beautiful pinched-looking, rosy cheeks (without the pain!). On the lips, I apply it sparingly and blend it out using my fingers for a softer look. This will definitely cling to the dry skin on your lips just because these types of products normally do, but a good lip balm underneath will do the trick! This last a long time on my cheeks, but not so much my lips (might be because of the slippery lip balm underneath though!).
Overall, I’m super impressed with this Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil in Sin. If you’re looking for a great every day, super-easy-to-apply-before-getting-out-of-the-car type of blush and lip colour, definitely pick one of these up! Again, they have a good selection of colours so there’s something for every one! I’m definitely dropping by Sephora to pick up a couple other colours! I saw that they also have some dual-ended lip + cheek pencil sticks that have different shades at each side. I’m also interested to try out their concealer because the formula is so amazingly creamy and easy to blend.
Have you tried any of the Nudestix Pencils? If so, what are your favourite products and shades from them? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading, xoxo