Your Skin Is In! *

Here at Beauty Nerd By Night, we’re always talking makeup, nail polish, skincare, etc, but beauty isn’t just about looking great – it’s also about taking care of yourself and feeling amazing! That’s why in this post, I’d like to get a little more personal with you guys and also to say that, if you have to risk your health to look more “beautiful” according to our society’s definition of “beautiful”, don’t do it, it’s not worth it. So today I’ve teamed up with the Melanoma Foundation to share with you guys an amazing campaign that they will be starting in 2016, the “Your Skin Is In!” campaign. 
The “Your Skin Is In!” campaign is an educational, yet fun program that encourages teens and young adults to take the pledge and make a promise to protect and take care of the skin they’re in. This campaign is also to help raise awareness about one of the scariest forms of skin cancer, melanoma, which is also the second most common form of cancer for teens and young adults, aged 15-29. Yes, cancer is a scary topic, but melanoma is 99% curable when caught early. 
However, prevention is always better than cure, and melanoma is preventable just by taking a few extra steps to protect your skin. This means applying a good sunscreen on both your face and body before leaving the house to go about your day, and most importantly, STOP USING TANNING BEDS COMPLETELY! We grew up being taught the fact that UV rays are harmful to our skin and can increase our risk of developing skin cancer, so we either limit our time under Mr. Sun, or we use a good sunscreen to shield our skin from these harmful UV rays. Going into a tanning bed is not only not much different from standing under the blaring sun for the entire day, but also much worse! The sunlamps used in tanning beds that give you that “beautiful glow” (yes I’m doing air quotes with my fingers in my head) emits UV rays that directly hits your skin, so you can imagine how greatly that increases your risk of skin cancer. Instead of using tanning beds, switch to self-tanners which are all the rage right now, or get a spray tan! 
To be completely honest, I never used to wear sunscreen at all, unless I’m going to the beach, or where ever that might burn my skin. Up till two years ago, I had no idea that melanoma even existed. After that day, I try my best to incorporate sunscreen into my daily routine! That’s all you need to do to prevent melanoma – sunscreen and avoid tanning beds at all costs! It doesn’t take much more time than you normally do and it doesn’t cost a single cent to take care of your skin. 
Take the pledge today, and promise to love the skin you’re in, and you’ll be on your way to living a longer, healthier life. 

Take the pledge!: 

Share it with your friends, and encourage them to take the pledge! You might just save a life! If you do share it on your social media, remember to include the hashtag #YourSkinIsIn. Lets all take the pledge and promise to protect our skin and love the skin we’re in for as long as we live, and we can all be healthy buddies! 
Melanoma Foundation “Your Skin Is In” 
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*This post is in collaboration with Melanoma Foundation and Her Campus. You can read my full disclosure here.