belif Aqua Bomb & Hungarian Water Essence Review

Fellow grease-ball friends! Did you know that most of the time, oily skin is caused by dehydrated skin – wait, what? Apparently, when our skin is super dry, it produces oil to try to fix that. We all know hydrating oily skin can be a huge pain in the butt because of our favourite friend, Ack-Nee (*name has been changed for security reasons). If we use a moisturiser that is too rich, or oil-based, we break out like there’s no tomorrow!
A month or so ago, belif reached out to me to try out their star product, the Aqua Bomb, and their Hungarian Water Essence. My skin is very acne-prone, so I’ve been hesitant to try out new moisturisers. I only ever buy moisturisers that are lightweight and oil-free, and that is exactly what the belif Aqua Bomb promises.
Here I am, sharing my thoughts on the belif Aqua Bomb and Hungarian Water Essence after more than a month of testing it out every single day.
The belif Hungarian Water Essence is a recharging serum that instantly replenishes the moisture lost from skin. This serum is packed with herbs like rosemary and lavender. My skin drinks this up immediately, like it’s been in the desert for months. It’s very lightweight and feels cooling when applied to the skin. My skin instantly feels refreshed and hydrated. This has been in both my morning and night routine and it’s all used up!
I like using this mostly in the morning because it adds moisture to my skin and gives my skin that “plump” feeling. This doesn’t feel sticky at all and it makes my skin the perfect canvas for make up because it takes away any dry skin that may have been there. I love this so much that I’m planning to get a full-size!
Now on to the star of this post and the brand, the belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb! This Aqua Bomb cream is formulated with the herb Lady’s Mantle, which is known as “a woman’s hydrating herb”. This cream is a two-in-one – it moisturises the skin instantly and creates a protective barrier on the skin to prevent any loss of moisture from the skin.
Since it creates a protective moisture barrier, the consistency of this is a thicker gel cream. This also gives that really nice refreshing and cooling feeling when applied to the skin. I love using this at night because it really seals my skin so that the AC doesn’t strip my skin of moisture. When I wake up the following morning, my face feels super smooth, refreshed and hydrated.
Another thing that I’ve noticed after almost using the whole tub of this up, is that it’s clearing up my acne!!!!! Is that enough exclamation marks to express my excitement? Maybe there is some truth in the “oily because you’re dry” statement and this is the perfect product that’s hydrating my skin without breaking me out. Since my skin is now hydrated, there’s not as much oil produced, which means there’s not as much oils to clog my pores, which means BYEBYE ACNE! I’ve tried so many products to fight break outs but to no avail and this belif Aqua Bomb has done exactly that! My face also feels and looks much smoother and brighter after using this.
belif is a brand that uses true herbs to create and deliver products of value that are high quality based on a world-renowned herbalist, Duncan Napier’s processes and philosophy that dates back 150 years. With that, belif creates products that target today’s skin concerns. One of my favourite things about this brand is that they stay away from over-packaging and let the quality and effectiveness of their products speak for themselves.
belif products are formulated with herbs and are completely free of:
X Mineral Oil
X Synthetic Fragrances
X Synthetic Dyes
X Synthetic Preservatives
X Animal Origin Ingredient
You can buy belif products at:
belif stores (Malaysia) at Sunway Pyramid, Queensbay Mall and IOI City Mall.
belif Malaysia:
Have you tried any belif products? If so, what are your favourites? Let me know in the comments because I definitely want to try out more from this brand!
Thanks for reading, xoxo
*Product sent for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. You can read my full disclosure here.