How To: Galaxy Nails

Hello beautiful people of the interwebs (I need to come up with a better line soon..)! I don’t know about you, but I think I spend almost 24 hours a week in total scrolling through DIYs and tutorials on Pinterest that I don’t have the capability or creativity to recreate. Today, I have a pictorial showing you how to recreate a Pinterest-worthy nail art – the Galaxy Nails – in just a couple of steps! Galaxy nails have been around for years now, and it’s one of my favourite nail arts to do because it’s super simple, and you don’t need amazing nail art skills. All you need is some nail polish, a sponge, and a glitter top coat, no kidding.
How to: Galaxy Nails | Beauty Nerd By NightHow to: Galaxy Nails | Beauty Nerd By Night
Galaxy Nails is so gorgeous because for starters, it looks so impressive because it looks like it’s super hard to do (which is not true!) and looks like you have amazing nail art skills. Secondly, it literally takes less than a minute to do each nail, which seems like forever if you compare it to just painting your nails one colour, but if you compare it to a 10 minute-on-each-nail nail art, it’s like the speed of light (Cause y’know, galaxies, Star Wars/Trek, battleships… no..? Well.. a girl’s gotta try!). Or a girl could just stop rambling, and get into the pictorial!
I have some further information of each step, what polishes I used, etc, below the pictorial.
How to: Galaxy Nails | Beauty Nerd By Night
What You Need:
1. Nail Polishes: Black, White, Medium/Dark Blue, Yellow, Pink, Glitter Top Coat
2. Cosmetic Sponge
3. Tape/Peel Off Base Coat/Those Peel Off thingys you see all over Instagram
Step 1: Paint your nails an opaque black and let it dry completely. I used Chloe & Bella Black Out.
Step 2: Apply any sort of “barrier” to your cuticles so you don’t have to clean up much around your cuticles after. I used my Etude House Peel Off Base Coat (click for review), which works amazing! You can just tape around the nail, it works just as well!
Step 3: Paint the white nail polish onto your sponge (I used those Cosmetic Sponge Wedges) and gently pat the sponge to form whatever shape you like. Personally, I think a straight line across horizontally, vertically, or diagonally looks the best, but a “C” shape looks pretty sweet too! I used Chloe & Bella White Out for my white polish.
Step 4: Cut off the part of the sponge with the white on it so you can reuse the sponge. Now with medium/dark blue on your sponge, sponge it on the sides of the white to blend the white into the black. I used OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay as my blue.
Step 5: With a yellow polish, stamp on the middle above the white, but still letting some of the white show through the sides. For my yellow, I used DD’ell Nail Polish in Yellow.
Step 6: Moving on to a pink polish, sponge it on top of the yellow, and again, allow some of the yellow underneath to peek through. I used Sally Hansen Coral Reef.
Step 7: This step is optional, but if you feel like it looks too bright, tone down the colours by sponging on some white very gently and make sure you can still see the colours underneath, or you’ll just end up at Step 3 again, haha.
Step 8: Put on a glitter top coat, preferably one with holo glitters, so in different angles, there are rainbow stars on your galaxy manicure. I used a glitter with blue reflects, which is Elianto Shine Opal.
Step 9: I totally forgot to add this in my pictorial, but peel off your tape/peel off base coat. (lol at me walking around with dried glue around my cuticles?)
Step 10: Take pictures of your gorgeous mani, and show it off to the world!!! Totally optional, but recommended! …and maybe link to my tutorial? (haha shameless self promotion. well, a little bit of shame. with the smaller text. lol)
I hope that was helpful, and we can all put the entire galaxy on our nails and #twin. And also, I hope the pictorial didn’t freak you out, because it freaked me out. Apparently, too many hands in one picture freaks me out. I just found out too.
Thanks for reading, xoxo