BEIGE CHUU Hard Finish Eye Brow Pencil

Beige Chuu Hard Finish Eye Brow Pencil
Rise and shine, beauty nerds, it’s a beautiful Sunday! My eyebrows are something that I never ever skip in my every day makeup routine just because if I don’t fill them in, you can’t see my eyebrows at all from a distance away because they are so sparse. It’s the first thing I notice about anyone – their eyebrows haha. There are so many products available to get those brows on fleeeeeek, but I prefer a more natural look so I tend to go for powders and pencils. Today I’m reviewing a new eyebrow pencil that I got from my BNTgirls box, and it is the BEIGE CHUU Hard Finish Eye Brow Pencil. I’ve reviewed the BEIGE CHUU Stick Foundation as well, if you’re interested!
Beige Chuu Hard Finish Eye Brow Pencil Beige Chuu Hard Finish Eye Brow Pencil Beige Chuu Hard Finish Eye Brow PencilBeige Chuu Hard Finish Eye Brow Pencil
This BEIGE CHUU Hard Finish Eye Brow Pencil came unsharpened, which gave me sort of a nostalgic feeling. The cool thing about this product is that you can sharpen it like a normal pencil, or you can use a blade to sharpen it into a flat shape.


As the name suggests, it is a hard finish pencil, which means it gives out little pigment. A hard finish brow pencil is great because you can never go overboard with it. This one I have is in the shade “Dark Brown”, and at first I was a little skeptical. I have very dark brown hair but I usually like my brows light and soft so I usually go for light to medium brown with a slightly ash tone. After trying this on, I was so happy with the colour because it is the most perfect colour I’ve ever tried on my brows, ever. Even though it is a dark brown, it looks very soft and the tone is a nice neutral brown (not too yellow or red based).


When applying this, it feels like nothing is going on at all because it looks so natural, until I’m done with one eyebrow and it looks so much better compared to the other undone one. The finish that this gives my brows is a very soft, natural look that makes it look like I naturally have lots of hairs on my brows. The product is also a little waxy so it keeps your hairs in place all day.
Depending on how you sharpen the pencil, it is very precise. It is quite precise with me sharpening it like a normal pencil, but I think it would be VERY precise if you sharpen it flat, like this. One problem I have with eyebrow pencils is that they tend to run out so quickly, but since this is a hard finish and you barely use any product each time, this will last a very long time.
This retails for $12 on CHUU and there are 5 shades available. 
I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a great, natural eye brow pencil that is precise, and stays in place all day.
Thanks for reading, xoxo
 *This product was send by BNTNews for review purposes. I’m part of the BNTgirls group, which is a group of beauty bloggers and we get sent a box of Korean products. All my opinions are 100% honest and my own. You can read my full disclosure here.