Geolica Euro Lady Pearl Gray | Coloured Lens Review

2-1Hey guys! Today I have a coloured lens review for you guys – on the Geolica Euro Lady Pearl Gray lenses. I love coloured lenses, they bring so much dimension and brightens up my eyes instantly. Not only that, I also love that I can have blue eyes one day, and green the next, and back to my usual brown eyes the next. With that said, I prefer colours that brightens up my eyes, without being too brightly coloured to the point where you can tell from a distance away. With that said, my favourite colour to wear is definitely gray coloured lenses – they’re soft enough but gives a gorgeous brightness to the eyes.

Close Up of Geolica Euro Lady Pearl Gray Geolica Euro Lady Pearl Gray Review Geolica Euro Lady Pearl Gray Natural Light & Indoor Light


These Geolica Euro Lady Pearl Gray coloured lenses are stunning! It has a mixture of grey, blue and a little bit of a hazel colour in the middle, so it blends more naturally with the natural colour of my eyes. They have this veiny pattern designed to mimic the natural human iris. I love the effect this coloured lenses give to my eyes – it kind of looks like it has a “ring light” effect that brightens up my eyes and gives it a gorgeous shiny look. I have dark brown eyes, and these transform my eye colour completely. It turns into a bright light grey.


Moving on to the comfort of these lenses – they are one of the most comfortable coloured lenses I’ve worn to date. These are 3-month disposable so they are naturally more comfortable than yearly lenses. These lenses are soft and moist enough that it doesn’t feel like there’s “something” in the eye (some circle lenses can feel like that). They also don’t dry my eye out even after hours of wear (which I tend to be guilty of wearing lenses for way too long, which you shouldn’t do!). The longest I’ve worn them is around 10 hours (again, very bad for your eyes! Take them out after 4-6 hours) and even then my eyes don’t feel sore, dry or tired.
These retail for $23.50 on Geo Coloured Lenses.
I highly recommend these Geolica Euro Lady Pearl Gray lenses if you’re looking for a good pair of grey lenses. It is definitely one of my favourite pairs of coloured lenses and I tend to reach for these quite regularly. They’re super comfortable, non-drying and gives my eyes a gorgeous shiny, grey colour.
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