3 Ways to Use Stick Foundations

Good morning/afternoon/evening, beauty nerds! Today I have a “pictorial” on the different ways to use a stick foundation. The stick foundation (can we just keep track of how many times I’m going to use “stick foundation” in this post? haha) I will be using in this post is the Beige Chuu Stick Foundation. I have a whole in-depth review of this stick foundation if you’re interested in checking out how it works, the formula, the price, etc.
The Beige Chuu Stick Foundation is a high coverage foundation with a dewy finish and I freaking love it. So I thought I’d show you guys the different ways I use this stick foundation and how you can use your stick foundation so you get more use out of it 🙂


Foundation Stick as FoundationYes, of course, FOUNDATION! After all, it is a stick foundation. I love stick foundations because they are easy to throw in the purse and carry around for quick touch ups, etc. They are usually very creamy, high coverage and you only need a minimal amount for the entire face. What I usually do is: 2 swipes on each cheek, 2 down the neck, 1 on the chin, nose and a big one on the forehead. I blend everything out with a beauty blender, but using your fingers would work really well too because the heat helps to melt the product so it applies and blends easier.


Stick Foundation as ConcealerBecause most stick foundations are so creamy and have amazing coverage, they can be used as a concealer as well. This is a great option especially when you don’t feel like wearing heavy layers of foundation on your face but still need to hide those dark circles from all those late nights, and maybe a blemish or two. This Beige Chuu Stick Foundation has great coverage and it works well at concealing my dark circles. Eventhough it’s creamy, it doesn’t crease under my eyes. However, if you have very oily skin, set the concealer with a little bit of powder to avoid creasing and smudging.

Highlighting and Contour

3 Ways to Use Stick Foundations: Contour and Highlight
Last but not least, highlighting and contouring. I’m one of those people that are guilty of packing on highlighters on my face because I LOVE a good glow! If your stick foundation has a dewy finish like this one, then it’ll work amazing as a highlighter. When you do use a stick foundation as your highlight/contour, you want to make sure you don’t slap on too much or it’ll end up looking super cakey. However, if you use just the right amount, using stick foundations to highlight/contour can look amazing and more natural as compared to a powder highlight.
3 Ways to Use Stick Foundations
This is my face smothered in my stick foundation as a foundation, concealer and highlight/contour. I really do love the Beige Chuu Stick Foundation (more on that here)! It doesn’t cake up my face even with all those layers. Best part of it, it gives my face such a gorgeous glow! The picture above is without a powder, but if you have oily skin (like me! #bffs) then definitely set with a translucent powder to avoid looking too oily.
You can get the Beige Chuu Stick Foundation for $35 on Chuu.
I hope this post was helpful and you can get more wear out of your stick foundation! If you did find it helpful, please help a girl out (#bffs remember? :p) by pinning the image below to your Pinterest 🙂
3 Ways to Use Stick Foundations
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*This post is NOT sponsored. The product was sent to me for my review which you can read here.
  • Ela

    I would love to try stick foundations but I’m scared that I’ll mess it up!

  • Joanne Kim

    If I were to use a stick foundation as a concealer, would it be better if I used one that was the same shade as my skin tone or a shade lighter? By the way, I love your blog!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 For concealing the under eye area, definitely go for one shade lighter. However, if you plan to only use the stick foundation as a concealer, I’d recommend to just get a concealer (my fave for this is the The Saem Tip Concealer, super affordable too!). This is because, if you get one shade lighter and you want to use it as foundation, it’ll make your face too light. Let me know if you have any other questions x