Cocoblanc Aura CC Cream & Pressed Powder

Good morning/afternoon/evening, where ever you may be! I have two amazing products to show you guys from Cocoblanc. If you’ve never heard of Cocoblanc, it’s a top cosmetic brand in Thailand. Today I have two of their best-sellers to show you. They are the Cocoblanc Aura CC Cream and also the Aura Pressed Powder. Get excited because these products are soooo good!

Cocoblanc Aura CC Cream & Pressed Powder

The packaging.. Hmm. I’m sure most of you can tell that the logo is inspired by a certain luxury brand. I’m not a huge fan of that logo decision, but the actual packaging is gorgeous. Their packaging is mostly white, with black accents. I love how luxurious and pretty they look, especially the Pressed Powder compact. Cocoblanc’s tagline is “No cakey and fakey cosmetics” so all their products are designed to look like your skin, but better. The Aura CC Cream and Pressed Powder I’m showing you today are both to achieve natural-looking, radiant skin.

Cocoblanc Aura CC Cream

Cocoblanc Aura CC Cream

This Aura CC Cream is formulated to “perfect” your skin, give it a gorgeous glow, and protect your skin from the sun. CC Creams aren’t my favourite thing in the entire world, just because most of them don’t do much for my skin. However, this one, I’ve really grown to like! When you pump out the product, it is white. It freaked me out because it contrasted against my skin so much. After blending this out though, it adapts to my skin tone.

The greatest thing about this Aura CC Cream is how it brightens my skin so well. I have problems with uneven skin tone and also dullness. This product gives my skin a fresh look and a heck of a glow! It’s a glow that you could see from a mile away, so probably not the best thing for an oily gal like me. BUT, the pressed powder will fix that! As for “perfecting” the skin, it really depends on what your skin needs “perfecting” on. Notice I put air quotes on the word perfecting just because I don’t like how that sounds lol! To me, I want a nice even coverage with a natural dewy glow. It definitely has the glow down, but the light coverage isn’t enough when my skin isn’t at its best.

Overall, it’s a great natural-looking CC Cream that helps to brighten your skin and give a gorgeous glow. If you have dry skin, this will be good for you!

Cocoblanc Aura Pressed Powder

Cocoblanc Aura Pressed Powder

This Aura Pressed Powder I have is in the shade C3 Pink Sand Summer. When I saw “Pink” in the shade name, I was a little worried because I’m yellow. Like Spongebob. I use too many Spongebob references on my blog, don’t I? Anyway, this powder. is. beautiful. It’s brightening, and tames down the glow from the CC Cream, but doesn’t completely flatly mattify my face. It gives a very natural, gorgeous radiance to the skin. The powder is so finely milled and so buttery. The formula reminds me of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders.

Because it is so finely-milled, it doesn’t cake up my skin and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. It goes on smoothly and applies evenly over my skin without accentuating any fine lines or bumps. Skin skin skin. How many times have I said skin in this post? Seriously though, if you’re looking for a powder that sets your makeup in place and gives you a nice glow at the same time, this is the powder you’re looking for.

I love the Cocoblanc Aura Pressed Powder, and I use it to set my foundation almost daily! You guys know that even though I have super oily skin, I love a good glow! The Cocoblanc Aura CC Cream is a great product, but it’s not something that I would use every single day just because the coverage isn’t enough for me. If you have good skin though, it’s a great lightweight product to even out the skin.

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