Weekly Makeup Drawer #1

Happy Wednesday (or Hump Day as the cool kids say)! As promised in my post from Monday, I’m reviving some old post series from my blog. First up is my “Shop My Stash” posts (or post, I should say lol). But, I have decided to rename it as “Weekly Makeup Drawer” just because I want it to be (fingers crossed that it will be) a weekly thing. I started this series because I find that I’m always using the same products and neglecting the rest of the makeup in my collection (anyone?). So, each week I’ll be picking out 4-5 products from my makeup collection. These products will then be thrown in my “every day drawer” and I’ll use them for one whole week. Then the week after that, I will post reviews on those products and a makeup look with all of it on my face.

Weekly Makeup Drawer #1

This month I dug deep (anyone else cringe at the word “dig” and “moist”? haha) into my makeup collection and found a couple of things that I used to love. Four out of these five products used to be in my every day drawer until something new eventually took their place. So I will put them to the test for a week, and see if I still love them as much as I used to.

Weekly Makeup Drawer #1 | Etude House Lovely Cookie Blush in Rose Sugar Macaron

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blush in Rose Sugar Macaron

Rose Sugar Macaron is a pink with a hint of purple undertones, and golden glitter running throughout. This product and I.. we had a long history. We definitely had a love-hate relationship. At first, I hated it so much that the only reason I kept it was because of the super cute packaging. Then, somehow, maybe because the top glittery layer was all used up, I fell so deeply in love with it that it made my Favourite Blushes list. I haven’t used this in a couple of months now, and I’m definitely excited to see if I would love it or hate it this time. What do you think? 😉

Weekly Makeup Drawer #1 | MUA Eyeshadow Trio in Innocence

MUA Eyeshadow Trio in Innocence

I got this waaaaay back in 2013 from my Asian/UK beauty swap, and honestly, it might be near its expiry date (or maybe even exceeded, oops). Every time I see this in my collection, I don’t reach for it just because I have very similar shades that I always reach for in my UD Naked Palette. However, that gorgeous brown shade on the left has a gorgeous teal reflect. I really want to try to use it in a makeup look, so when better than now?

Weekly Makeup Drawer #1 | Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

This was my first ever highlighter (I’m starting to think that it might be time to do a makeup declutter.. who am I kidding? #beautyhoardersunite haha) and I used it almost every single day when I first got it. This is a gorgeous gold liquid highlighter that’s lightweight and gives the face a beautiful glow (as I remember it). I even went as far as to call it “my favourite highlighter of all time” in my Benefit Cosmetics Brand Spotlight post. I used to slather this on like nobody’s business so I can’t think of a reason why I stopped using it (but I’m looking at you, MAC Soft & Gentle and Becca Champagne Pop… you did this!).

Weekly Makeup Drawer #1 | NYX Butter Gloss

NYX Butter Gloss

These were featured more than once on my blog. There was my Spring Lipstick Picks post, my Favourite Lip Glosses post, and also their very own review post. I can say that I used to love these and they were featured for positive reasons, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I reached for a lip gloss. Now I’m more of a matte lip gal. Matte lipsticks all the way!

Weekly Makeup Drawer #1 | Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation

I used to love this foundation so much! I honestly only stopped using it because I forgot about it. It’s one of the best foundations for oily/combination skin. It’s lightweight, has high coverage, very smooth, and gives a flawless, airbrush finish. I can’t wait to use this and hopefully fall in love with it all over again!

So those are the products I picked out for this week! There are so many products here that I used to love and I can’t wait to start using them again. Hopefully I’ll still love them as much as I used to, even though my makeup preferences have definitely changed over the years. I’ll keep you guys updated on these products next week! 🙂

Do you have a weekly makeup drawer?

Thanks for reading, xoxo


  • Elly Leavitt

    not much of a makeup person (I’m a bad fashion blogger, I know) but that shimmery eye shadow palette is gorg! x

  • Sydney Power

    I do like some taste products! Nice collection!

  • Cute post idea. I really like the eyeshadow trio!

  • This is such a fun post- I’m so guilty of beauty products I haven’t used in years tucked away haha!


  • Whitney H

    I love the NYX Butter Glosses! I want to try some of their matte lip products too. Have you tried any of theirs?

  • Greta Hollar

    The NYX butter gloss is amazing! My favorite!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  • Kristin Thompson

    These all sound like great products! I am dying to try some NYX lip products!

    The Blush Blonde

  • Miss ALK

    I have one NYX lip gloss and I do love it! Your posted reminded me I should try more of their lip products 😉

    xoxo A

  • I have been wanting to try a NYX lip butter and now I know I need to get one, or maybe a couple 😉

  • The NYX lip butter is on my list! I need some really cute colors for fall!

  • Amy

    The blush is SO pretty! Love the packaging of it!


    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • Awesome post! I don’t really wear makeup so my drawer consists only of the NAKED palette and some tinted moisturizer.

    Kirsten – http://thewanderingbrunette.com

  • Rachel Mariana Timmerman

    Ahh I’m a sucker for trying out new makeup products! These look amazing! Thanks so much for the recommendations 😀

  • I love the Tarte Airbrush Foundation! It’s such an amazing finish!
    Shaguna | gold&hearts

  • Adriana

    That eye shadow trio is gorgeous! I love the shimmery colors, so pretty!

  • Sara Kate Steadman

    NYX lip products are my jam!! They always last so long but are so affordable.

    Sara Kate Styling

  • Ela

    I wanna try out the Benefit one!