Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam: 1-Step Cleansing Routine

For as long as I can remember, I was told “you always have to double cleanse your skin”. Once to clean off makeup and dirt on your face, and the second to cleanse the remnants and oil to ensure you have no clogged pores. Clogged pores = breakouts, and we don’t want that! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a 1-step cleansing solution, especially at the end of a long day (or a regular day for lazy girls like me)? Well, lazy girls rejoice! The new Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam does exactly that. When you pump it out and rub it on your face, it’s a cleansing oil. Then, add some water and it foams up to be your foaming cleanser! Two birds, one stone.

I would first just like to apologise for the quality of these photos. It’s been so dark out lately, and I’m still trying to get the hang of using artificial lighting! And prepare to see many weird arm shots too, haha.

Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam

There are three different types of the Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam, targeted towards different skin types. There is the normal Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam, the Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam, and the Brightening Cleansing Oil to Foam. The hydrating one is meant for dry to normal skin, whereas the normal purple bottle one is meant for normal to combination skin. The pink one, which is meant for brightening, is for dull skin. These retail for RM44.90 each and is available at all leading pharmacies.

I have combination skin so I should’ve used the normal one, but I actually tried out the Hydrating one. I’ve been using this Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam for about three weeks now, so I’ve formed a pretty strong opinion on it. It comes with a pump, which is great. I dispense about two full pumps and that’s enough for my entire face. When you first dispense it, it’s like a thicker gel consistency but as you work it into your skin, there is a little more fluidity.

Arm Test

Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam

Here I did a little test on my arm for you guys! I slathered on some concealer, liquid lipstick, eyeshadow, cream blush, and eyeliner to show you how well it removes these products. The KVD Liquid Lipstick and Tattoo Liner is waterproof, and is pretty hard to remove normally. You can see in the pictures that after rubbing in the oil, everything is 100% removed except the two I just mentioned. However, after adding a little bit of water and working it in, I then wiped it off with a cotton pad. You can see that even the two stubborn waterproof makeup came off as well!

Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam

Consistency & Smell

Like I said, when you first pump it out, it’s a thicker gel consistency. It’s still liquidy, but once you put it on your face it feels heavy and sticky. After rubbing it in for 5 seconds though, it becomes more liquid and doesn’t feel sticky at all. To show you guys the lather, it doesn’t lather up to be a thick foam or anything. When you add water and work it in, it turns into a milky foam. This hydrating one has a cucumber scent, which I actually hate, but it’s just personal preference!


After washing off the foam (the hydrating one, to be exact!), my face is left feeling soft and smooth. It doesn’t give you that “squeaky clean” feeling that feels super drying on the skin. I tested how well this removed my makeup and all by using a toner-soaked cotton pad and going over my face after. To my surprise, there is nothing on the cotton pad, which means all my makeup has been removed just by this Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam.

Final Thoughts

Being a lazy gal, I love this Neutrogena Cleansing Oil to Foam. It saves me a ton of time and it cleanses my face just as well! Even though I have combination skin and I used the hydrating one, it didn’t break me out. Instead, it made my face feel smooth and hydrated. The smell is the only downside for me, but it’s not a deal breaker. With it being so effective, and so affordable compared to buying two different cleansers, I would definitely repurchase this and I highly recommend it to everyone!


– Effective

– Affordable (RM44.90)

– Gives Smooth, Soft Skin

– Saves time


– The cucumber scent, but that’s just because I don’t like cucumber scents

Neutrogena Malaysia:

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  • Ela

    I’m a lazy girl so this would be perfect for me!

    • Same here! Haha! It saves a ton of time!

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