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TGIF, guys! I’m finally on my 3 month semester break! I’m back with lots of new posts – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sometimes I post special extra posts on Saturdays too! 🙂 Today we’re talking about Korean skincare! Korean skincare has been all the rage because I mean, have you seen their skin? They always have a gorgeous, dewy glow and translucent rosy skin. I’m reviewing three different products today, and they’re by the brand CosRx. Hermo (one of Malaysia’s top online beauty retailers) were kind enough to let me pick out a few things from CosRx to try out. I chose the CosRx Centella Water Toner, the CosRx Propolis Light Ampule, and the CosRx Rice Overnight Spa Mask.

I apologise for the quality of these photos. It’s been so gloomy and has been raining pretty much every day for the past week or two.

CosRx Korean Skincare

CosRx is a South-Korean based company that is rapidly gaining popularity around Asia. Their products are created to target skin problems that are common in Asia, such as oily skin, clogged pores, acne, and pigmentation. According to their website, they put all their thoughts and efforts into creating amazing formulas with minimal product packaging. I’m actually a huge fan of their minimal packaging, I think it looks very chic and doesn’t try too hard or outshines the product. One of the best things about CosRx is that they minimise the number of ingredients used in their products, but maximises the effectiveness by taking out harmful chemicals.

CosRx Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner

CosRx Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner (RM49)

The key ingredient of this product is the Centella Asiatica leaf water. Centella Asiatica has many skincare benefits – it helps reduce breakouts, pimples, and scars, and promotes elasticity and minimises pores. Not only that, it boosts cell growth, prevents wrinkles, heal wounds, promote blood circulation, and has anti-inflammatory effects. This product is free of parabens, artificial fragrance, artificial colourants, triethanolamine, and phthalates. There are only 9 ingredients in this products, and it is alcohol-free. This Centella Water Toner is made of 82% mineral water, and 10% centella asiatica leaf water.

Lets start with the packaging of this product. I freaking love it! It’s a spray bottle that has a fine mist that distributes evenly on the skin. The directions does say to spray it onto a cotton pad, and then apply it to the face. But me being lazy me, I usually just spray it directly on my face and then pat it in. Because the mist is so fine, the product absorbs into the skin very quickly. Once I spray this on, my skin feels cooled, hydrated and refreshed. One thing I noticed about my skin after using this toner for two weeks is that, my pores have definitely minimised. My T-zone looks and feels much smoother. I love this toner, and I’ve heard great things about their AHA/BHA Toner, which I’m gonna check out after I finish this one!

CosRx Propolis Light AmpuleCosRx Propolis Light Ampule CosRx Propolis Light Ampule

CosRx Propolis Light Ampule (RM95)

The CosRx Propolis Light Ampule is made of 80% Black Bees’ Propolis, with amino acids and vitamin B5 to retexturise and refine the skin. Propolis consists of minerals, amino acids and vitamins, and has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. The main component of propolis, flavonoid, is a powerful antioxidant. These ingredients work together to illuminate the skin, giving it a healthy glow, while hydrating, smoothing and brightening the skin.

This is probably my favourite product out of the three! I use this day and night, and it has given my skin such a radiant glow! The consistency of the product is a lightweight serum, but the texture is a little bit sticky on the skin. It’s not oily, and it’s not overly sticky. I love using this before my makeup in the morning because it gives my skin that gorgeous healthy glow, while also keeps my makeup on longer because of the tackiness. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, and absorbs within seconds. I will definitely repurchase this once I run out!

CosRx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa MaskCosRx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

CosRx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask (RM59)

Rice is a great source of dietary fibres, Vitamins B1, B2, and B6, Minerals, and Linolenic Acid. It helps to highly moisturise to give the skin a soft and smooth texture. Not only that, it also whitens the skin for milky skin and also is rich in nutrition to increase elasticity of the skin. It has whitening components that help to improve skin tone for a gorgeous complexion.

This one was probably the one I was most excited about! I know rice is an amazing ingredient in skincare, and a “spa mask” sounds like a dream! This has a light cream texture and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. When I first got this, I used this every single night for a couple of days. I started noticing that it was breaking me out because it was a little bit too rich for my oily skin. So now I only use it once every three days. This is amazing if you have dry skin though! I love using this when my skin feels a little dry and dull. It hydrates and plumps in right back up and my skin looks so much better the next day. If you have oily skin, I’d recommend using this maybe twice a week or so. However, they do have a light gel texture honey mask, which I really want to check out. The light gel texture is probably better for my oily skin!

That’s all for my review of CosRx skincare products! This is my first time trying CosRx and I am pleasantly surprised. Their prices are very affordable, and the products I’ve tried are very effective. I highly recommend checking out their products, but if I were to pick one.. it would definitely be the Propolis Light Ampule. It’s the best and I’ve been using it every day and night since!

You can buy CosRx skincare from Hermo:

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*These products were sent to me by Hermo to try out. However, this does not influence my opinion and my thoughts are 100% my own. I would only recommend products that I personally love. To check out my full disclosure, click here.