MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam + Cloud Embo Massage Brush

Just last month I was talking raving about how cool an oil to foam cleanser is, and how I love it because I only have to use one product to double cleanse my face. At that time, that was the only oil to foam cleanser I’ve used. So when my BNTgirls box came this month, I was really excited to see the MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam. This Vitamin Oil Foam is an oil to foam cleanser that removes makeup, dirt and oil. Not only that, this box also came with a super cute facial brush, called the Cloud Embo Massage Brush. This brush has a massage side (how luxurious!), and a soft, dense bristle side to create bubbles and cleanse the skin.

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam + Cloud Embo Massage Brush

The concept behind the MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam is that you do not need to wash your face 2-3 times. This is an all in one cleanser that melts makeup and dirt and cleanses your skin thoroughly. With the Cloud Embo Massage Brush, it’s like a luxury spa facial right in the comforts of your own home. Sounds so good, right?

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam + Cloud Embo Massage Brush

Natural Ingredients

The MAXCLINIC Vitamin Oil Foam is a gel texture, with little capsules suspended in it. This Vitamin Oil Foam Cleanser is targeted toward brightening and pore care. This cleanser is made with natural ingredients – french clay to remove dead skin, cleans pores and controls sebum; natural, refreshing oil that moisturises the skin; and vitamins that brightens dull skin. Other ingredients include kakadu plum, camu camu, and their Air Fit Oil complex which consists of a ton of amazing oils for your skin like Jojoba, Coconut, Argan, Olive, Orange blossom, Ylang Ylang, and Damask Rose Oil.

Not only that, this product is free of 8 harmful additives: sulfate surfactants, 6 types of paraben, benzophenone-3, benzalkonium chloride, mineral oil, artificial scents, tar color, and benzyl benzoate.

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam + Cloud Embo Massage Brush MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam + Cloud Embo Massage BrushMAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam + Cloud Embo Massage Brush

Face Massage with the Cloud Embo Massage Brush

When you first apply the product into the skin, it is a lightweight oil. I apply about 3-4 pumps on my face (with makeup) and massage it with my fingertips to dissolve the makeup. Then, taking the massage side of the Cloud Embo Brush, I like to massage my face in circular motions. Let me tell you guys, this is freaking amazing! One of my favourite things about a facial (def not the painful extracting!) is the face massage they give! This brush, along with the oil, works amazingly to massage your skin and feels realllyyyy good. The first time I used this, I literally stood there for 5 minutes massaging my face haha.

MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam + Cloud Embo Massage Brush

After massaging the face, I wet the brush and use it in a circular motion on my skin. This makes the oil bubble up. It doesn’t bubble up to a thick foam, but just the right amount of bubbles. Then, I rinse my face with some lukewarm water and my face is clean!

Does It Actually Work – Oil Foam?

After using this for almost a month, I have to say I’m very impressed with the MAXCLINIC Vitamin Oil Foam. It takes off all my makeup, except eye makeup, because I don’t dare to put this near my eyes just because my eyes are so sensitive. After washing this off, it makes my face feel squeaky clean but at the same time, feels hydrated and soft. Even though this is an oil to foam cleanser, it doesn’t break me out, and I have oily, acne prone skin. I think this product would work well for both oily and dry skin.

Does It Actually Work – Massage Brush?

However, I can’t say the same about the brush. After using this, you’re supposed to rinse it and let dry. Being the germaphobe I am, I wash this brush VERY thoroughly after using it each time to make sure I get all the oil foam out. I then squeeze the excess water out and let it dry in my airconditioned room overnight. I always find that this does not dry out completely because the brush itself is so dense. You know how something smells like when it’s not dry? Yup. That happened, and I’m not putting it on my face ever again. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong, but it just won’t dry completely.

You can check out more details on how to use this product here:


Overall, I would highly suggest the MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam if you’re looking for an amazing one-step cleansing routine. It takes off all your makeup and the dirt on your skin, while keeping it feeling moisturised and soft. The Cloud Embo Massage Brush is amazing at massaging the face, but being so hard to clean and dry (maybe it’s my fault, though?), I would maybe skip out on it. Have you ever tried an oil to foam cleanser, or a facial massage brush? Let me know in the comments!

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