How to Fix Broken Makeup

Imagine my horror when I got home super happy with my Sephora Black Friday Haul, only to find that my brand new Becca highlighter was already broken inside! In Malaysia, there is a refund policy where you had 7-14 days to return a product in it’s original packaging with no damage. I contacted the Sephora customer service team but I have not heard back.. and it’s been three weeks. Frustrated, I decided to take matters into my own hands because the powder is so pretty and I just wanted to be able to use it. I fixed it and it doesn’t look as good as new, but at least it’s usable. So today I thought I’d show you How to Fix Broken Makeup!

If you’re here to fix a broken Becca powder, let me know in the comments! The Becca powders are freaking amazing but they break so easily like they don’t care about our feelings. Rude.

How to Fix Broken Makeup | Beauty Nerd By Night

I love using this trick to fix broken makeup because it does not alter the formula or finish of the product. You can use this to fix broken eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, powders, etc. It’s so simple and uses products you probably already have at home! All you need is rubbing alcohol, some paper towels, and a butter knife. It takes 5 minutes to fix, and then you leave it on overnight to dry and it’ll be good to use by the morning time.

How to Fix Broken Makeup | Beauty Nerd By Night

What You Need to Fix Broken Makeup:

1) Rubbing Alcohol

2) Butter Knife

3) Paper Towel

4) Eye Brush/Wooden Stick

How to Fix Broken Makeup | Beauty Nerd By Night

Shatter. It. All!

Using the back of an eye brush, or a wooden stick, break up the powder into really small pieces. You can use literally anything to do this – a chopstick, the back of a pencil, your fingers even! Yes, this step will be painful to do and watch if you’re a hardcore makeup addict like me, but oh well.

How to Fix Broken Makeup | Beauty Nerd By Night

Press It Down!

I use a spray bottle to spray on some rubbing alcohol onto the powder. If you don’t have a spray bottle, pour a small amount directly onto the powder. Then, using your fingers, press the powder down to make all the small pieces stick together.

How to Fix Broken Makeup | Beauty Nerd By Night How to Fix Broken Makeup | Beauty Nerd By Night

Flatten With Butter Knife

After pressing down the powder, pour in some rubbing alcohol until your powder turns into a paste (like above picture). Then, using a butter knife, spread the product (like how you’d spread butter on toast!) to flatten it and make it look as close to it’s original state as possible.

How to Fix Broken Makeup | Beauty Nerd By Night

Flatten with Round, Flat Surface

Put a couple of paper towels on the powder. Then, using anything that is round with a flat bottom that is the size of your powder, press down firmly. For example, I’m using a small Bath & Body Works White Barn candle for my Becca highlighter. It’s the perfect size! This step will make sure each part of your powder is perfectly even and flat.

Then, leave your compact open to allow the rubbing alcohol to evaporate. I like to leave it overnight to make sure it’s completely dry. If you’re pressed for time, two hours should suffice.

How to Fix Broken Makeup

That’s it! It literally takes a couple of minutes to to turn your messy, broken makeup into a usable, almost as good as new product. The rubbing alcohol doesn’t alter the formula or the finish of the product, but it does alter the smell! Just a quick warning, it will smell like rubbing alcohol, but it doesn’t linger on your face.

Rubbing alcohol is safe to use on the skin, but an excessive amount can dry out the skin. But your newly-fixed product will not dry out your skin because the rubbing alcohol has evaporated. I’ve used this technique to fix a couple of different makeup products over the past few years, and it has always worked! It doesn’t break me out or dry out my skin at all.

I hope this post was helpful to you, and you save some money by not having to throw out broken makeup. It’s so easy to fix broken makeup, it only takes a couple of steps! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried this method, or if you have any other techniques of fixing broken makeup!

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  • Kristine Circenis

    This is a neat trick! I’m so sorry that happened to your Becca highlighter – I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve a great highlight with it. I’ve heard such great things about her highlighters.

  • 30A Street Style

    So cool! My bronzers always break about half way through so I will definitely keep this in mind. 🙂

  • Hannah Stark

    Wow this would have been so helpful when my highlighter broke but i ended up throwing it away 🙁 I will have to remember this for next time!
    xoxo, Hannah

  • I never knew this little trick was so easy! I usually just toss stuff that breaks but now I don’t have to!

  • Sam Crawley

    This is such a great tip!!

  • How neat is this. I need to try this, I have so much broken makeup.

  • I totally need to try this. I was always nervous to try it and I’m not quite sure why.

  • Ashley

    This is an amazing trick! Breaking makeup is the WORST. It definitely makes it better knowing I can fix it!

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    Such a useful post that I think any girl can relate to! Thank-you for sharing this beauty hack!

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  • This is such a good idea. I tried (and failed) to do this once, but this tutorial makes a lot more sense. I didn’t weight it down.
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    great tip!! i’ll have to try this!

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    excellent post! xx <3

  • I never feel like it comes out exactly the same, but it’s definitely better than nothing!