How to Pitch Brands + Free Email Template

In the first year of this blog, I’ve always been too afraid to reach out to companies that I wanted to work with. My reason? They probably won’t work with me. Then one day, I thought to myself, worst case scenario, they say no. So what? But how do I start? I was in high school and the most professional email I’ve ever written was probably the one I learnt in 6th grade. Nevertheless, I reached out to a HUGE brand with something along the lines of “Hi, I would like to review your products”. It was much longer than that, but it didn’t tell the brand who I was, what my blog is about, my audience, nothing. I never heard back. Gmail probably thought it was spam. Fast forward two years, now I work with some of my favourite brands. In this post, I’ll show you how to pitch brands and what you need to include in your email to be on your way to a successful collaboration. I’ve also included a free email template which you can download from our new resources page!

How to Pitch Brands + Free Email Template

Who do I Email?

One of the main questions I get when people ask how to pitch brands is, who do I email? Where do I find their email? When you go on to the brand website, find their “Contact Us” page and look for a PR/Marketing email. If you can’t find it, simply email their customer service/general inquiries or fill in a contact form. But if there is a PR email, be sure to use that.

Email Subject and Greetings

You want to be clear in your email subject so they know what to expect. Instead of putting in “Question” as the subject, put in “Blogger Inquiries: Interested to Feature xyz Brand”. Some PR companies work with multiple brands so you want to mention the name of the brand in your subject. As for the greeting, if the name of the contact person is given, use their name. If not, use a general greeting, like To the PR/Marketing Manager of xyz Brand.

Who Are You and Why Are You Emailing?

Write a short 1-2 sentence introduction of you and your brand. Include your name, your blog and and tell them the purpose of your email. My name is Jiawun Phng, I run a popular beauty blog in Malaysia, Beauty Nerd By Night ( I’m writing to you in hopes of securing a sponsored review/article/long term collaboration with Brand xyz in exchange with a blog post on my blog.

How to Pitch Brands + Free Email Template

What is Your Blog About?

Here, explain a little more in detail of what your blog is about. Include your stats and demographic, and be completely honest! Use your stats found in Google Analytics, which is very different from the Blogger dashboard, but it is the most accurate. Tell them how many followers you have on your blog and throughout your social media, and how your readers engage with your content.

How Do You Plan to Feature Their Product?

There are so many ways you can feature their product – a review, makeup tutorial, articles, etc. I find that the best way to collaborate with brands is through an informational article that features their products. This way, your readers get to take something from the sponsored post while the brand gets exposure and they get an informational article of their product as well. A few examples of this is my “Why Every College Student Needs A Planner” post I did with Mossery, and also my “How to Deep Clean Brushes” post where I featured Practk Palmat. I usually pitch brands after I have a blog post idea so they know exactly what they’re going to get. If I were to pitch an aromatherapy beauty brand, I’d say I’m working on a “Spa Day at Home” post, and a little bit about the concept behind the blog post. For example, many people tend to spend a lot of money going to spas, facials, etc, and I want to show them they can get the same result right at home without spending a ton of money.

What Do You Need From Them?

Do you need their products? If so, what do you need? For my aromatherapy beauty brand example, I’m hoping to secure a range of xyz products to feature a complete at home spa routine in my post. If you’re looking for specific products, you could state them here too, but remember they don’t always have to comply. It’s all about what they’re currently promoting, etc.

End Your Email Right

Thank them for taking the time to read your proposal. Saying I hope we can further discuss this collaboration will help them to see that the collaboration is flexible, which leads to higher success rates for sponsored posts.

How to Pitch Brands + Free Email Template

I’ve created an email template that you can download for free from our new resources page. It’s a complete email that you can just plug in your information and send out!

It’s good to include a media kit in your email too, but it’s not necessarily compulsory. If you’ve included all your honest data in the email, it’s okay to skip the media kit. But of course, if you don’t include the necessary stats in your email, you’d definitely have to include a media kit. I will be doing a separate post on how to create your own media kit some time in the near future.

Remember, a brand wants to promote their products. Let them know why you’re a good fit for their brand, and how you can help them gain more online exposure. Be confident, but not arrogant. 🙂 Also, remember to never bite off more than you can chew! Make sure you are able to deliver what you’ve promised. I hope this post has helped you learn how to pitch brands, and hopefully you will be able to work with your favourite brands soon!

Thanks for reading, xoxo