Mulbit Vitamin Sparkling Mist

I love myself a good face mist and I have to admit when I saw this Mulbit Vitamin Sparkling Mist, I was super intrigued. Honestly the word “sparkling” in the name really caught my eye because I’m easily amused like that lol. Anyway, this Mulbit Vitamin Sparkling Mist came in my BNTGirls December box, and I’m reviewing it for you today! I think it’s quite a cool concept, but some might find it to be gimmicky. Either way, lets find out!

Mulbit Vitamin Sparkling Mist

The Mulbit Vitamin Sparkling Mist comes in a gorgeous sparkly blue box and houses two bottles – one contains the “vitamins” and one is an empty (well, initially) spray bottle. The spray bottle looks very luxurious – it’s a glass spray bottle with gold accents. There are 4 different pastel coloured vitamins in the bottle, and they each have a unique use.

Different Colour, Different Use:

Green: Anti-wrinkle

Blue: Skin Reproduction

Yellow: Skin Whitening

Pink: Skin Condition Management

Mulbit Vitamin Sparkling Mist

How to Use:

Basically, you’re supposed to fill the empty glass bottle with two-thirds of warm water, and then drop in a vitamin of your choice. Once you drop the vitamin into the water, it fizzes immediately (hence sparkling mist) and starts to melt. Then, I leave it to melt for a good 5-10 minutes and then secure the cap back on the bottle. If the vitamin has not fully melted or done fizzing, you have to reopen the cap in 1-2 hours to release carbonated gas. If it is not released, the increase in pressure can ruin the spray. To me, this is both cool and also a little bit tedious. Because there are no preservatives in their vitamins, you can only keep the spray you made for 4 days, and then you’ll have to remake with another vitamin.


I like the spray bottle that comes with this. The spray is a fine mist that distributes evenly across the skin. Depending on the colour of the vitamin you use, the colour of the spray differs as well. As you can see from the pictures above, the blue creates a gorgeous ocean blue colour. However, I’m sure you can imagine the colour that the yellow creates (I actually showed this on Snapchat, follow me there (@Jiawunn) for what I like to call science experiments lol, but with makeup. And send me ALL your makeup snaps too, I’m on there 24/7. Yikes!).

The actual product though, sadly, is a huge miss for me. It smells amazing, it has a very light scent that smells and feels fresh on the skin. However, it didn’t really do anything for my skin. After using this product almost daily for a month, I haven’t been able to notice any sort of difference on my skin. It doesn’t break me out, but it doesn’t do anything to my skin either. This Mulbit Vitamin Sparkling Mist was a huge let down because I was really excited and wanted this to work.

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Thanks for reading, xoxo


*PR Samples. This product was sent to me as part of the BNTGirls box. BNTGirls is a group of bloggers that receive and review Korean beauty products.