Paula’s Choice Skincare | Review

Oh, hello there! Yes, I haven’t posted in ages. No, I don’t have an excuse hehe. But today I’m back at you with a new post on some Paula’s Choice skincare products that I’ve tried out over the past month. These products were kindly sent to me by Nana from Facial Malaysia to try out. Facial Malaysia is a beauty centre that not only offers Paula’s Choice products, but they also have facial treatments. Paula’s Choice products are all manufactured in the USA, have no added fragrances or dyes, and are cruelty-free.

Paula's Choice Skincare Review

If you’re new here (hello!), I have combination skin that is mostly oily, with dry patches on my cheeks and jawline. Finding the perfect skincare products for my combination skin can be challenging because the product has to be lightweight enough for my oily skin, yet hydrating enough for the dry parts of my face. Ya feel me, fellow combo gals? 

Paula's Choice Skincare Review

Nana and I discussed my skin type and concerns. I have acne-prone skin that can sometimes look dull, so I told her I wanted something gentle that would help give me radiant skin. She picked out the Paula’s Choice Resist Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser to help balance the moisture levels on my skin, and also the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Lotion that is gently exfoliating while keeping the skin hydrated and soft to achieve the radiant skin that I (and everyone in the entire world, I assume) want.

Paula's Choice Resist Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser Review Paula's Choice Resist Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser Review

Paula’s Choice Resist Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser

I use this after removing my makeup with a cleansing water, and it removes all the leftover makeup and dirt that the cleansing water might have missed. One pump of the product is the perfect amount for the entire face as it lathers up very well. After washing this off, my skin feels refreshed and cool. It doesn’t overly strip my skin of all oils so my skin doesn’t feel dry and tight. However, the drier parts of my face can start to feel a bit tight if I don’t apply my skincare straight after. That doesn’t really bother me because I usually put on my skincare straight after. If you have combination to oily skin, this is a great cleanser that works. But because it’s specially formulated for oilier skin, it will probably be way too drying on dry skin.

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Lotion Exfoliant Review

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Lotion Exfoliant

This is a super gentle exfoliant that’s great at keeping your skin soft and bright. BHA helps in removing dead skin, unclogging pores, hydrating the skin and also has anti-aging properties. When I first started using this, I noticed my skin getting quite dry. This was because I was using this as a moisturiser …yep 😐 haha. The “Lotion” in the name kind of threw me off a little. After realising my mistake, I started using a moisturiser after this exfoliant and I’m freaking in love. This has really helped tighten my pores and keep my skin hydrated. My skin doesn’t have as many dry flakes as it used to and feels super smooth to the touch.

I’ve really enjoyed using these and they now have their own place in my daily skincare routine. The Resist Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser helps to remove all traces of makeup and dirt, keeping my skin clean and refreshed. It’s a great cleanser, but I wouldn’t run out to purchase it right now. That’s something with cleansers – I always feel like they’re good if they do the job, and most of them do, you know? The Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Lotion Exfoliant is a completely different story, though! If you have problems with rough skin, large pores, or dry skin, I suggest checking this out! It has helped my skin out so much and I would definitely repurchase this.

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