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Hi, friends! Today I have reviews of Omorose Cosmetics products for you! I’m really excited to show you guys these products because Omorose Cosmetics is a Malaysian brand and I love supporting local brands. ‘Omorose’ translates to beautiful in ancient Egyptian. Founded in 2014, Omorose Cosmetics products are free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, and mineral oil. Not only that, they only use natural preservatives when needed.

Omorose Cosmetics | Malaysian Beauty Treasure

They sent me a ton of stuff to try out – their NEW AINGEAL SPF35 Colour Neutralizers in X Blue & Brown and X Red/Highlighter and their Stylish Gift Set which consists of the BB Stick, Rosey Glow Blush, Satyn Powder, Hypnotic Eyes Eyeshadow, and Lip Dressing. We’ve got a ton to go through, so let’s go ahead and jump right in!

Omorose Cosmetics Aingeal Colour Neutralisers for the Skin


Omorose Cosmetics Aingeal Colour Neutralisers ($40)

Colour correcting has been a huge trend in the beauty blogosphere lately, and I was so excited to try these out! The X BLUE & BROWN one is a coral/salmony colour that as the name suggests, corrects blue & brown tones. Dark circles, blemishes and pigmentations tend to have a bluish/purplish or brown undertone so this is to help cover those. I use this one under my eyes before applying my concealer. The X RED/HIGHLIGHTER one is a yellow colour that cancels out any redness like pimples and rosacea. It can also be used to highlight certain areas of the face.

I have very bad dark circles and my face is also quite red naturally. I like these because they really do help to neutralise those. When I use this, I feel like I can put on a more natural, sheer foundation so I don’t have too much makeup on my skin.

Omorose Cosmetics BB Stick & Satyn Powder


Omorose Cosmetics BB Stick in Fair & Medium ($40)

I love base products that come in stick form because they’re really easy to carry around for touch ups, holidays, etc. However, most of the time they’re pretty dry and hard to apply on the skin. This Omorose BB Stick is actually very creamy and easy to blend into the skin. Because it is a BB Cream though, it doesn’t offer full coverage or a flawless finish. It does however, even out the skin tone well, cover redness and minor blemishes. I find that when I wear this, I have to set with a powder or it’ll just slide off my face after an hour or so. All in all, it’s a great BB Cream, but nothing spectacular in my opinion. BUT my mum has actually been using this BB Stick for about a year now, and she swears by it! My mum does have drier skin though, so this product is probably better for dry skin.

Omorose Cosmetics Satyn Powder in Flawless ($37)

Ahhhh loose powders… the definition of a love-hate relationship. Loose powders give a super smooth finish and doesn’t look cakey but they’re a mess! Because of this, I only tend to use loose powders for baking and setting under my eyes. This Omorose Satyn Powder I have is in Flawless, which is a mattifying powder, but they also have one called Diamond (which again, my mum swears by!) which gives a little bit of a glow to the face. I really like this powder as it is very finely-milled and really does give the skin an airbrushed, flawless finish. It doesn’t look cakey and it bakes beautifully under the eyes and makes my under eyes look smooth and bright.

Omorose Cosmetics Rosey Glow in Pretty Jessica

Omorose Cosmetics Rosey Glow in Pretty Jessica ($23)

Their Rosey Glow Blush is definitely my favourite product out of the whole line! It’s a dome-shaped cream blush that is creamy and blends easily. This one I have is in the shade “Pretty Jessica”. It looks like a super bright hot pink, but it actually applies to the skin very naturally. What I love most about this blush is the finish. It has an almost “translucent” finish on the skin, making it look like I’m blushing naturally. Because of this, even though this is a hot pink shade, it has that translucency that still makes it wearable for every day. Not only is it beautiful and so easy to apply, it lasts for hours on end without fading. Another beautiful colour of this blush is called “Showbiz”. My mum has it, and I steal it quite often :p

Omorose Cosmetics Hypnotic Eyes in Come-to-bed ($20)

The Omorose Hypnotic Eyes are eyeshadows that come in duos, and there are 3 shade choices available. This one I have is called “Come-to-Bed” and it has a light pink and a greyish purple. There is one called “Aishwarya” which is a blue and brown duo. The more wearable one is called “Imagine”, with a gorgeous copper and a light champagne colour. The eyeshadows themselves are very pigmented, creamy and easy to apply. However, I find that it’s hard to get a complete look out of any of these duos because of the shade selection. I’d love it if it came with a matte shade to tie the whole look together, but that’s just personal preference! If you want to pick up one of their Hypnotic Eyes, I’d highly recommend the one in “Imagine”. The copper is beautiful worn all over the lid, with the light champagne as an inner corner highlight!

Omorose Cosmetics Lip Dressing in Watermelon

Omorose Cosmetics Lip Dressing in Watermelon ($13)

Their Lip Dressing is another one that I was super impressed by! The Lip Dressing is a vegan tinted lip balm that adds a pop of colour to the lips. With ingredients like coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil and Vitamin E, it moisturises my lips and keeps them feeling soft. The thing that surprised me the most was that this is actually very pigmented. I have the Lip Dressing in “Watermelon” which is a gorgeous pinky-red colour. Not only that, this one in particular smells like watermelon too – that’s a plus in my book!

So those were everything I tried out from Omorose Cosmetics! Most of the products I tried are a hit, but if you were to only buy one or two items, I’d highly recommend the Omorose Cosmetics Rosey Glow and their Lip Dressing! If you’re interested in checking out some of their makeup, head on over to their website!

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