SEP Masks | The Wonders Of Jeju

Jeju. Say that fast 10 times. The term “Jeju” has climbed up the Korean beauty popularity ladder as fast as Taylor Swift (totally unrelated – but is it bad that I kinda love her Look What You Made Me Do music video?)

Jeju actually stands for Jeju Island, which is a volcanic island off the southern coast of South Korea. Apparently, the soils are mixed with volcanic ash, which makes everything grown there have extra vitality. Okay, sure, I guess.

You might be thinking:

Why are we talking about Jeju right now? Well…

Because there’s another beauty product that has just landed on Malaysian shores with ingredients from Jeju Island and they are the SEP Masks, and that’s what we’ll be talking about today!

Thank you to The Butterfly Project for this review opportunity and SEP for sending these through! If you’re a Malaysian beauty blogger and you would like opportunities like this one, and a friendly community, look no further than The Butterfly Project!

There are 4 different variations of the SEP Masks that are targeted for different things – Green Tea for Soothing, Tangerine for Brightening, Cactus Fruit for Moisturising, and Canola Honey for Nourishing.

SEP Masks | Wonders of Jeju


Y’all might know I have a thing for masks. My favourite type has to be sheet masks because I’m a strong believer that sheet masks were made for lazy people (aka me!) who still want gorgeous skin. Put it on your face, go about doing your things for 15 minutes, take it off, pat the essence in and voila – beautiful skin!


I’m so darn picky when it comes to sheet masks. If they’re too thick or not saturated enough, they don’t stick well and keep falling off. But if they’re too thin or too saturated, they tear really easily (or maybe I’m just too violent with them).

SEP Masks | Wonders of Jeju

These SEP Masks are pretty thin but they don’t tear easily. They adhere to the skin very well and don’t fall off until you take them off, which is always good! The mask itself is a little bit big, so if you have a smaller face (I don’t!), it might be a little bit hard to use. My favourite thing about this mask is probably that it’s saturated just enough to stick well on your face. There is also excess essence in the packet which I slather all over my elbows and knees (try it! It moisturises the skin amazingly).

These retail for RM5.90 per piece, or in a pack of 5 for RM24.90, and they are available in Watsons stores, and Watsons Online. The price isn’t terrible, but could definitely be a little bit lower. The one thing I wish they would do is to sell these in a variety pack, with maybe 2 of each mask? It’ll be a good way to try out each type of the masks to find out which you like, without having to spend money on ALL 5 packs. Sure, you could buy the individual per piece ones, but that’s going to cost more.

I love most of these sheet masks, but there is one variant that I’m not a huge fan of. Shall we find out which? 😉

Let’s start on a good note, though.

SEP Masks - Green Tea Soothing Mask

SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask

love a good soothing mask. Soothing masks usually give a really refreshing feeling and cools down the skin, while calming irritated skin. Soothing masks are your best friends after a long, hot day (which is 365.25 days here) out.

This SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask has Jeju-grown green tea as its key ingredient to soothe irritated skin and hydrate the skin.

This has a faint green tea scent to it, which is amazing! It also cools down my skin and leaves it looking bright and hydrated. Love this one!

SEP Masks - Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask

SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Cactus Fruit mask before, so I was really intrigued by this one! The key ingredient in this one is… you guessed it… cactus fruit, grown in…yep…Jeju! Moisturising masks are also one of my go-to’s since having moisturised skin is always a good thing! Another good thing about moisturising masks – you can use it daily!


I’m not the biggest fan of this one, to be honest. It has a very perfumey scent which is very strong and lingers as long as you have the mask on. I have a very sensitive nose and it made me sneeze a lot, lol. It’s good at doing its job at moisturising, though. If you’re okay with having fragrance in your face mask, go for it!

SEP Masks - Tangerine Brightening Mask

SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask

Fun fact – tangerines are one of my favourite fruits! The key ingredient in this mask type is tangerines grown in Jeju. This has a very faint tangerine scent which smells incredible! It isn’t too strong and it smells very fresh.

I really like this SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask! It refreshes my skin, hydrates my skin and makes it feel smooth, and brightens my face instantly after I use it.

This is my 2nd favourite out of all the 5 types!

My favourite one is:

SEP Masks - Canola Honey Nourishing Mask

SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask

Okay, I really love honey masks in general so I might be a little biased when I chose this as my favourite over the Tangerine one – they’re both really, really good! This one is made with Jeju Canola Honey. They have A LOT of ingredients over at Jeju, huh?

This is a nourishing mask. I never know what “nourishing” masks do, but I really like this one because it hydrates, plumps and brightens my skin after using it. This also has a super yummy honey scent. The scent is very faint so even if you are sensitive to fragrance, I don’t think it’ll be much of a dealbreaker.

The bottom line?

These masks are really great at adhering to the skin, and the essence absorbs very easily into the skin. I would highly recommend these if you’re looking for new masks to try since the price is pretty reasonable considering the key ingredients are from Jeju. If you were thinking of getting one or two types, I’d suggest trying out the Tangerine or the Canola Honey one!

SEP Masks:

The Butterfly Project:

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*This was sent to me to try out and share with you. A huge thank you to The Butterfly Project and SEP Masks for sending these through. All opinions are 100% honest and my own! I only recommend products that I really love. You can read my full disclosure here.
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