5 Travel Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

I’ve been hit by the Wanderlust bug, hard. I love travelling to different places and being able to understand the interesting stories behind all the gorgeous places. However, travelling comes with the dreaded task of packing. I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible at packing just the necessities, especially when it comes to makeup. I don’t know why or when I’ll need 5 eyeshadow palettes or 13721 lipsticks (just me?) for a week long trip, but I just do. Also, you know that feeling when you’re super excited to finally unpack and leave the hotel room, only to find that the shampoo has spilt over every. freaking. thing? How about uncomfortable flights or having super dehydrated skin and feeling like crap after a long flight? Over the years, I’ve picked up a couple of Travel Beauty Hacks that prevent all that and more, that has made travelling that much more fun and hopefully, it’ll be helpful to you too!

Bye-bye Liquids, Hello $$$!

This is probably my NUMBER ONE tip! It will save you from any spills, save you a ton of space and even save you money if you don’t need checked luggage. Most of the time, I check in my luggage just so I can bring my liquid products without the 100ml limit. If you can, find solid substitutes for all the liquid beauty products. My favourite place to find these is in none other than one of my favourite stores on Earth, LUSH.

The LUSH Solid Shampoo Bars are my must-have when it comes to travelling. They’re compact, they work so well, they smell freaking amazing and they have a ton of different ones to choose from! My favourites are their Honey I Washed My Hair (their signature Honey I Washed The Kids soap scent) and their Jason and the Argan Oil (Ro’s Argan – sweet rose scent) solid shampoo bars. If you want to save even more space, they have these multi purpose bars called Fun. Fun can be used as a shampoo, soap and also to draw yourself a bubble bath. How fun!

When it comes to skin care, cleansing wipes are really great to pack in place of cleansing waters, oils, etc. They are great at taking off your makeup and to refresh your skin, even when you’re on the plane! My favourite cleansing wipes are by far the Simple Cleansing Face Wipes. I also love packing my go-to cleansing balm, the Banila Co Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser, because it can take off even the most waterproof mascara and also, it’s not a liquid which means… no need for checking in my bags!

Contact Lens Cases!

Many people tend to bring sample sachets for skin care when they travel but I try my best to avoid them. I only bring the products that I’m using at that time so I already know that it won’t break me out or cause an allergic reaction while I’m on holiday. This used to be a problem because skin care products are so big and heavy… until I found this awesome hack! Contact lens cases. All I do is transfer the amount of whatever I need to a contact lens case. Contact lens cases work great for this because you can put different products in a different compartment. 3 contact lens cases are usually enough for my entire skincare routine so that saves me a TON of space when I pack! You can also use this hack for hair oils/serums, and even hair gels and waxes!

Cushion Your Compact Powders With Cotton Pads

This was one that I recently found that saved my makeup! I don’t even know how many compact powders I’ve broken before I found this hack. Thank god I found a super Easy Way to Fix Broken Makeup though! But prevention is always better than cure, right? All you need to do is place a cotton pad or two in your compacts before travelling. You want to place enough to fill up the empty space in the compact, but you also want to make sure it’s not too full that you can’t close your compact securely. This will cushion the powder to keep it safe when travelling!

FREE Perfume Samples or Get a Travalo

Unlike skincare products, I save all my perfume samples so I can bring them when I travel! If you’re from the US, you can actually get free perfume samples from places like Sephora and Nordstrom. If you have a signature scent that you wear religiously, you could always get a Travalo! Travalo is a refillable perfume atomiser that you can fill up with your favourite perfume. I LOVE my Travalo, but if you love trying out new perfumes like me, free perfume samples are definitely the way to go!

Mini Facial on the Plane cause.. why not?

I like to fly with a very minimal amount of makeup on – just my brows and mascara, with a tinted lip balm on my lips. The air on the plane is very drying and can take a toll on your skin, especially on long flights. I love to do a little “mini facial” when I get on the plane just to keep my skin hydrated and bright. I start off by refreshing my skin with a cleansing wipe and then I like to spray on a facial mist. My favourite right now is the mini Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray because it cools, soothes and moisturises my skin at the same time. Then, I like to follow up with a mask. I’ve tried sheet masks and people give me weird looks lol, so I’ve switched over to a sleeping mask instead. Sleeping masks are leave-on heavy duty moisturisers made to withstand the harsh AC at night so it works really well in a flight too! I’m obsessed with the Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack right now!

Those are some of the unique travel beauty hacks I’ve come across over the years that has really helped me! I hope they are helpful to you too, and maybe they’ll solve a couple of your travel woes! I’d love to know if you have any other travel beauty hacks, so leave them in the comments below! 🙂

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    I usually bring a face mask with me on the flight, but I never use it xD I really should though haha

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  • I need to try doing a mini facial on the plane! sounds like such a good idea.

  • I LOVE the Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar! Lush’s shampoo bars are seriously the best to travel with!

  • mckenna bleu

    These are all great! loling at the sheet masks on a plane lol but you gotta do what you gotta do!

  • These are awesome tips! I definitely prefer cleansing wipes when I travel. They’re so handy and take up much less space. I love the idea you shared about the contact cases. That’s such a nifty idea!

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