About Me

Hi, I’m Jiawun!

If you’re thinking that my profile picture looks better in the sidebar than it does here… so am I. My hair looks waaaay less fried there! …and yes, that is a cloth drying rack behind me lol!

So, you want to know more about me as an alien-looking baby, huh?

Well, apparently I was sucked out into this world some 21 years ago by a vacuum cleaner. Yep, you heard that right. As in, they used a vacuum cleaner to get me out, after my mum was way too exhausted from hours of labor, while I clung on to my uterus-home for dear life (probably didn’t know I was doing the opposite, hehe).

Wait… what? A VACUUM CLEANER? Like the one we use for dust bunnies and stuff?

I know, right?

I can’t imagine the doctor going, “Bring me the vacuum cleaner, stat!” and the nurses scrambling to find one, conveniently sitting at the edge of the room and then using it to suck me out. I mean, how would you even think of using a vacuum cleaner? Was it by experience – have you delivered a bunch of stubborn babies that ended up looking like alien-babies before?

And that’s how I came into this world with a super long head which gave my grandma a good fright when she first saw me.

It sounds made up, right? My mum swears it’s true, though!

If you’re wondering, yes, my head has gotten back to a “normal” size, but I still like to attribute my super long forehead (or fivehead) to this “experience”.

Our little happy family of four – my dad, my mum, my 4-year-old sister, and a weird-ass looking baby-me, lived (and we still do!) in a little cozy tropical country called Malaysia. What they call “cozy, tropical country” is what I like to call “barely the size of Texas, hot and humid all year round”. But we have amazing food here, so it’s all good.

Fast forward 15 years, my sister gave me a Benefit Tinted Moisturiser that she wasn’t using anymore. That tinted moisturiser catapulted me into the world of beauty videos on YouTube, spending countless hours reading beauty blogs and putting beauty products on my wishlist for birthdays. I was obsessed with this makeup thing, that’s so fun that I could spend hours doing, trying out different makeup looks on a daily basis. I needed to share this makeup thing with everyone I know! Turns out, nobody I know shares the same passion or find makeup fun at all. And what fun is fun if you can’t share it?

And that was how Beauty Nerd By Night was born!!!!

All from that one tinted moisturiser. Which I still might or might not have in my collection. Only because it has sentimental value, not to use it! And, of course, my sister, who you can find over on her blog, ExtraExtravagant.

Also, after I graduated from high school, I got a little Yorkie pup and I named her Hash Brown (Hashie for short!)… because people like to name their pets after food. Sushi, Chocolate, Muffin… the list goes on! 

Fast forward to now, I’m sitting here writing this About Me page while procrastinating my assignment for university, with Hashie in my lap 🙂

That’s it about me! I’d love it if you could introduce yourself and let me know a little bit more about you in the comment section too! Pretty please 🙂

I’d also love to communicate with you! You can reach me via email at [email protected]; or through any of my social media channels, which you can find in the sidebar to your right!