About Me

My name is Jiawun and I was born sucked out to this beautiful world by a vacuum cleaner (I’m not kidding, LOL) in the sunny tropics of Malaysia, 21 years ago. I always blame my long and wide forehead on the vacuum cleaner :p.
I’m a daughter to the most loving and caring family, sister to a complete opposite of me, girlfriend to the sweetest and most amazing guy, and a Chemical Engineering student.
I have an odd mix of hobbies: badminton, makeup, reading, singing, painting my nails. I love the combination of baby blue & pastel pink, smileys and exclamation marks (which you will come to notice in my blog posts)!
I’m your Average Jane by Day and a Beauty Nerd By Night (see what I did there?). I first got into makeup when I was 13 going on 14. I never had friends that shared the same passion and interest in makeup.. what fun is something when you can’t share it with anyone because they didn’t understand? I decided to incorporate the two things I love: makeup and blogging, and came up with Beauty Nerd By Night. I really appreciate each and everyone of you for listening (well… reading, lol!) to my rants.
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Thanks for reading, xoxo