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    Peripera Fashion People’s Box INK Lip Pencil

    Ok yes, I admit, I’m kind of in the middle of a crazy K-beauty obsession right now. I’m not so much into the makeup styles they have… I mean, creating puffiness under my eyes with makeup on my already existing dark circles? No thanks. They look amazing on some people, but definitely not on this gal right here! Anyway, my point is, lol, that Korean beauty products aren’t just for creating Korean beauty looks. They’re amazing to incorporate into your daily makeup routine as well. One product that Korean beauty is known for (and for good reason) is their super long-lasting lip products. When you speak of Korean beauty lip products, one brand always comes up – Peripera! Today I’ll be reviewing the Peripera Fashion People’s Box INK Lip Pencil (phew what a mouthful!) to see if they live up to their name!

    The Peripera Fashion People’s Box INK Lip Pencil is a limited edition set, and you can’t buy the lip pencils separately. The set comes housed in a metal box with a graffiti design which can be used to hold all your lip pencils, after removing the plastic of course! There are 8 mini lip pencils in here which has 0.3g of product each. This retails anywhere between $25 to $30, but Jolse has it for a discounted price of $21 (which is less than $3 each). In the set, there is a great colour range, from nudes to pinks, to reds and there’s even a purple.

    You Can Buy These At:

    Jolse ($21)

    These pencils twist-up so you don’t have to worry about sharpening them. Since they are pencils, you can be very precise with your application. Lip pencils have a reputation for being drying and drag on the lips when you’re applying it, but I’m happy to report that these are very creamy and glide on easily! They don’t cling onto dry lips or accentuate the lines on the lips.

    I’m just going to come right out and say it – YES! A 100% YES – these definitely live up to the Peripera name! They are super pigmented, very creamy and long lasting. When you first apply it to the lips, it gives a somewhat glossy finish that’s kind of meh because I’m not really a glossy lip kind of gal. However, it does start to wear off after an hour and leave your lips with a GORGEOUS stain. That’s where the magic happens! These easily last through drinks and meals, and yes, makeout seshs too (you’re welcome ;)). I find that I only need to reapply if it’s been a LONG 10 hour day. Even then, these are so small and easy to carry in the purse.

    Umm before we get into the swatches, yes I have bed hair. It was a Sunday morning when I took these pictures. And yes, that is a pajama top, hehe. Okay, on to the swatches!

    #1 Beige – This is my least favourite shade out of all 8. I’m not a fan of super light nudes, and this one is very, very light! It’s a beige nude shade that is the same shade as my light-medium skin tone, only slightly pinker. If you’re fair or pale, this would look really pretty though! The best thing about this colour is that even though it’s so light, it doesn’t look patchy on the lips. It’s still opaque and creamy. However, since this is such a light colour, it doesn’t stain the lips at all. Because of this, it only wears for an hour or two before having to be reapplied.

    #2 Yellow Orange – My bad! This shade is actually called Yellow Orange, not Yellow Beige. It’s a gorgeous wearable orange shade that has just the right amount of pink in it. This has rekindled my love for orange lipsticks! I used to wear them every day. I honestly don’t know why I ever stopped!

    #3 Grapefruit – This is one of my favourite shades! It’s the perfect in between red and pink shade that complements my skin tone so well. It makes my overall complexion look healthy and fresh and awake. I’ve been wearing this shade when I have to get out the door at 8am for 9am classes because I look like a zombie otherwise. It’s fun and bright, but not too bold, which I like!

    #4 Pink – This is a very girly and feminine pink shade. It’s a neutral pink with just a liiiiittle bit of blue undertones. I don’t usually wear pink shades like this, but this one is really pretty! I’m passing this one on to my cousin who lives in pink lipsticks.

    #5 Red – This is a red that has some pink in it. Geez, I suck at describing colours, don’t I? Anyway, I was hoping this would be like a true, crimson red so I was a little let down. I find that this is even more pink than Grapefruit, which is weird, considering it’s called Red. It is still a really pretty colour, though.

    #6 Fuchsia Red – This one is a bright, bold hot fuchsia pink shade. Fun fact – I can never remember how to spell fuchsia. I’ve always spelled it as fuschia, just because it seems to sound that way haha. Back to the topic at hand, this is a gorgeous summer shade! Fuchsia is not a colour I would typically wear, but this actually complements my skin tone quite well!

    #7 Rose – This is my everyday go-to shade. I’ve been wearing this every single day, only swapping it out for Grapefruit sometimes. It’s the perfect MLBB shade for me that isn’t too muted, but isn’t too bold either. This leaves a really pretty natural stain on my lips that looks like I naturally have gorgeously coloured lips (nobody has to know ;)).

    #8 Violet – It’s violet, like the name suggests! I have yellow undertones, and colours like this is a little too contrast-y on me. I’m giving this one to my sister, who is much fairer, with more neutral undertones. The stain that this shade leaves is a bright pink shade.

    Overall, these are a must have in my opinion! If you love long-lasting lip shades, but you’re oh so over all the drying liquid lipsticks and lip tints, check out the Peripera Fashion People’s Box INK Lip Pencil. They’re super creamy, goes on smoothly and doesn’t cling to dry lips, they’re pigmented, and they come in 8 completely different shades. For less than $3 each, you cannot go wrong with these!

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    *PR Samples. In collaboration with Jolse, I picked these ones to review for you guys because they looked interesting! All opinions and thoughts are 100% honest and my own. I would never recommend anything to you that I wouldn’t recommend to my family and friends (because you guys are literally my beauty family)! You can read my full disclosure here.

    TONYMOLY Cheektone Powder Blushes

    If you spend way too much time scrolling through Pinterest, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at clean room decor and fashion pieces (guilty!), secretly wishing your makeup products have the same minimalistic vibe, TONYMOLY has got you covered! Even if you don’t obsessively scroll through Pinterest (wait.. why not?), but you like things that are aesthetically-pleasing (and you’re a crazy obsessed makeup hoarder (HI FRIEND!)), you’re still going to be obsessed with these. TONYMOLY has a whole range of Pinterest-worthy makeup products, and today I’ll be reviewing one of those – the TONYMOLY Cheektone Powder Blushes!

    TONYMOLY Cheektone Powder Blushes

    Right?! Was I exaggerating about how beautiful the packaging of these are? Probably. But you have to admit, they’re gorgeous, in like a simple, minimalistic sort of way. The packaging of this entire range of makeup products are inspired by paint swatches (Google TONYMOLY Liptones, those are beautiful as well). Sadly, the names of the shades aren’t as pretty as the packaging, though. There is a total of 7 shades to choose from. I picked out P02 Floria Pink, P03 Wink Coral, and P05 Deep Kiss Lover (this name irks me more than I’d like to admit). If you’re more into cream blushes, they have 4 of those to choose from as well.

    TONYMOLY Cheektone Powder Blushes

    These retail for slightly more than $7 a piece, but Jolse has them for a discounted price of $5.61 a pop. There is 4.2g of product, which is quite a lot of product. As a reference, MAC Blushes (with the huge pans and huge price tags!) are 6g each, so these TONYMOLY Cheektone Powder Blushes have around two-thirds of the amount that MAC Blushes have. They’re less than a quarter of the price of a MAC blush, though. So much math. These TONYMOLY Cheektone Powder Blushes (as with all TONYMOLY products) are made in Korea.

    You can buy these on:




    Korea Depart

    TONYMOLY Cheektone Powder Blushes - P02 Floria Pink TONYMOLY Cheektone Powder Blushes - P03 Wink Coral TONYMOLY Cheektone Powder Blushes - P05 Deep Kiss Lover

    P02 Floria Pink is a light, cool-toned, baby pink shade that has no shimmer or glitter. I’m in love with this shade because with my warmer undertones, sometimes my face can look a little too warm. Adding a pop of this helps to brighten up my complexion, making me look fresh and awake. P03 Wink Coral is a light peachy shade that has no shimmer or glitter. This, for me, is the perfect MNFBB (My Natural Flush, But Better! nobody says that.) shade. Lastly, P05 Deep Kiss Lover is a burnt coral shade with a slight golden sheen. All these shades do not have glitter in them, the shimmer you see on my cheeks is from my Becca Rose Quartz Highlighter, which now that I think about it, I shouldn’t have put on. Oops!

    These are marketed as “long-lasting, fine powder blushes that go on smoothly as if adding a translucent layer of colour on top of the skin”. The texture of these blushes feels slightly different, depending on the shades. P02 Floria Pink and P03 Wink Coral have an amazingly soft and velvety finish. They give that “translucent layer of colour”  they promise and look very natural on the skin. These have just the right amount of pigment so you don’t have to be afraid of getting clown cheeks. They apply to the skin evenly and doesn’t look patchy or cling on any dry parts. P05 Deep Kiss Lover, however, clings on a little bit to dry skin. I have combination skin so the skin on my cheeks is slightly dry. Not only that, the golden sheen actually causes it to highlight the tiny bumps I have on my cheeks.

    The longevity of these blushes is incredible. Blush is something that I always put on in the morning and by noon, it’s nowhere to be found. However, these are the only blushes that stay put throughout the entire day.

    TONYMOLY Cheektone Powder Blushes

    Overall, these TONYMOLY Cheektone Powder Blushes are amazing! They put so much thought into this entire range – the packaging is gorgeous, the colour selection is good, and the formulas of these (well, except P05) are impeccable. They are buttery soft, have just the right amount of pigment and last all day (even on my combination skin!). To top off all the amazing qualities, these are so affordable too. If you want to get these, I highly recommend getting either P02 Floria Pink or P03 Wink Coral (or both!), as they are very universally flattering. I’m in love with these blushes and I’m thinking of getting the other 4 shades, and of course, trying out the cream ones!

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    *In collaboration with Jolse, I picked out this product to review and was sent it free of charge. This does not affect my review. All my opinions are 100% honest and my own. You can read my full disclosure here.