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    5 Travel Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

    I’ve been hit by the Wanderlust bug, hard. I love travelling to different places and being able to understand the interesting stories behind all the gorgeous places. However, travelling comes with the dreaded task of packing. I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible at packing just the necessities, especially when it comes to makeup. I don’t know why or when I’ll need 5 eyeshadow palettes or 13721 lipsticks (just me?) for a week long trip, but I just do. Also, you know that feeling when you’re super excited to finally unpack and leave the hotel room, only to find that the shampoo has spilt over every. freaking. thing? How about uncomfortable flights or having super dehydrated skin and feeling like crap after a long flight? Over the years, I’ve picked up a couple of Travel Beauty Hacks that prevent all that and more, that has made travelling that much more fun and hopefully, it’ll be helpful to you too!

    Bye-bye Liquids, Hello $$$!

    This is probably my NUMBER ONE tip! It will save you from any spills, save you a ton of space and even save you money if you don’t need checked luggage. Most of the time, I check in my luggage just so I can bring my liquid products without the 100ml limit. If you can, find solid substitutes for all the liquid beauty products. My favourite place to find these is in none other than one of my favourite stores on Earth, LUSH.

    The LUSH Solid Shampoo Bars are my must-have when it comes to travelling. They’re compact, they work so well, they smell freaking amazing and they have a ton of different ones to choose from! My favourites are their Honey I Washed My Hair (their signature Honey I Washed The Kids soap scent) and their Jason and the Argan Oil (Ro’s Argan – sweet rose scent) solid shampoo bars. If you want to save even more space, they have these multi purpose bars called Fun. Fun can be used as a shampoo, soap and also to draw yourself a bubble bath. How fun!

    When it comes to skin care, cleansing wipes are really great to pack in place of cleansing waters, oils, etc. They are great at taking off your makeup and to refresh your skin, even when you’re on the plane! My favourite cleansing wipes are by far the Simple Cleansing Face Wipes. I also love packing my go-to cleansing balm, the Banila Co Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser, because it can take off even the most waterproof mascara and also, it’s not a liquid which means… no need for checking in my bags!

    Contact Lens Cases!

    Many people tend to bring sample sachets for skin care when they travel but I try my best to avoid them. I only bring the products that I’m using at that time so I already know that it won’t break me out or cause an allergic reaction while I’m on holiday. This used to be a problem because skin care products are so big and heavy… until I found this awesome hack! Contact lens cases. All I do is transfer the amount of whatever I need to a contact lens case. Contact lens cases work great for this because you can put different products in a different compartment. 3 contact lens cases are usually enough for my entire skincare routine so that saves me a TON of space when I pack! You can also use this hack for hair oils/serums, and even hair gels and waxes!

    Cushion Your Compact Powders With Cotton Pads

    This was one that I recently found that saved my makeup! I don’t even know how many compact powders I’ve broken before I found this hack. Thank god I found a super Easy Way to Fix Broken Makeup though! But prevention is always better than cure, right? All you need to do is place a cotton pad or two in your compacts before travelling. You want to place enough to fill up the empty space in the compact, but you also want to make sure it’s not too full that you can’t close your compact securely. This will cushion the powder to keep it safe when travelling!

    FREE Perfume Samples or Get a Travalo

    Unlike skincare products, I save all my perfume samples so I can bring them when I travel! If you’re from the US, you can actually get free perfume samples from places like Sephora and Nordstrom. If you have a signature scent that you wear religiously, you could always get a Travalo! Travalo is a refillable perfume atomiser that you can fill up with your favourite perfume. I LOVE my Travalo, but if you love trying out new perfumes like me, free perfume samples are definitely the way to go!

    Mini Facial on the Plane cause.. why not?

    I like to fly with a very minimal amount of makeup on – just my brows and mascara, with a tinted lip balm on my lips. The air on the plane is very drying and can take a toll on your skin, especially on long flights. I love to do a little “mini facial” when I get on the plane just to keep my skin hydrated and bright. I start off by refreshing my skin with a cleansing wipe and then I like to spray on a facial mist. My favourite right now is the mini Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray because it cools, soothes and moisturises my skin at the same time. Then, I like to follow up with a mask. I’ve tried sheet masks and people give me weird looks lol, so I’ve switched over to a sleeping mask instead. Sleeping masks are leave-on heavy duty moisturisers made to withstand the harsh AC at night so it works really well in a flight too! I’m obsessed with the Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack right now!

    Those are some of the unique travel beauty hacks I’ve come across over the years that has really helped me! I hope they are helpful to you too, and maybe they’ll solve a couple of your travel woes! I’d love to know if you have any other travel beauty hacks, so leave them in the comments below! 🙂

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    Why You’re Not Losing Weight (And How to Lose 10lbs in 30 Days)

    Happy (or not, if you’re superstitious, sorry) Friday the 13th, guys! I’m so excited today because I’ll be sharing with you guys how I lost 10 lbs (~4.5kgs) in 30 days! I’m just going to come right out and say that I’m not a certified dietitian, but this is my personal experience (hopefully it can be yours too!) and what I’ve learned from my nutritionist. A little history behind my attempts to lose weight (I say attempts because they’ve never worked out!): I’ve tried going on diets, took replacement meals, and even tried fasting (literally not eating food for 3 whole days, don’t try this at home kids!), but nothing ever worked out for me. I would lose weight, and gain it back twice as much and twice as fast. Today I’ll be sharing a couple of reasons why I could never lose weight (and probably why you’re not either!) even though I was working super hard to shed those pounds.

    Why You're Not Losing Weight + How to Lose 10lbs in 30 Days

    A Plethora of Diets

    There are SO many diet plans available out there like the no carbs diet, skipping meals, meal replacements, and I’ve even tried one that I had to eat only an apple for each meal of the day. Google diet plans, and you’re bombarded with 11 million results. Starting with the no carbs diet, do not ever do that! You hear me? Never. Carbs are so important – your body needs carbs to function properly. Carbs break down into glucose and that is your main source of “fuel” for your body. There are both good and bad carbs, and knowing which is which and what to eat is the way to go!

    Replacement meals used to be my main weight loss plan. Replacement meals basically come in little sachets and you mix in water, shake and voila, dinner! Most of the replacement meal plans I’ve tried replaces breakfast and dinner, so I only eat one regular meal a day. Eating one regular meal a day will not provide enough nutrients for your body to function well!

    The most intense diet I’ve tried is… *drumroll* fasting. What in the world was I thinking? The fasting diet is a 3, 5 or 9 day plan where you eat only 3 red dates (which I just found out is called jujube) a meal. So 9 jujubes a day, that’s all you get. Please, may I have some more? No, you may not.

    Why “Diets” Aren’t Working For You

    Most diet plans deprive your body of something your body needs: like carbs or protein. Our body’s energy (or calories) comes from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The main, preferred source of energy comes from glucose. Carbohydrates break down to form glucose. When there is not enough glucose, your body uses the stored carbohydrates, called glycogen. Glycogen carries with it water, so when your body burns it off, you lose weight. But once you stop the diet, you gain it back twice as fast. Why? Because the weight you lost is just water weight.

    When your body is deprived of protein, you won’t be able to build muscle. This is because muscle is made of protein. You might be thinking, “I don’t even want muscles! I just want to lose weight!”. Well, well, I’ll tell you why you’d want muscles! More muscle burns more calories in a day, even when you’re at rest. This will, in return, increase your metabolism, woohoo!

    Why You're Not Losing Weight + How to Lose 10lbs in 30 Days

    How I Lost 10 lbs (~4.5kgs) in 30 Days

    10lbs in 30 days might not seem like much to some, especially now that there are a ton plans that promise “Lose 10lbs in 1 week!” or something cray-cray like that. I won’t say that it will not work, because it will, you will lose weight. But whenever you lose weight that quickly, you can bet that it’s just water weight. Anyway, back to 10lbs in 30 days.. not much to some.. yada yada.. but let me tell you.. I eat so much in a day now. I eat triple the amount that I used to eat while I was gaining weight, but I still manage to lose around 2-3 lbs a week. Yes, I’m eating the right foods, and no – the right foods are not limited to tasteless salads or bland boiled chicken breasts. More about that in a bit!

    The best decision I made was to go see a nutritionist. At that time, I was done. D.O.N.E trying to lose weight! DONE! I was so sick and tired of the bleh food, all the hard work exercising, and not losing any weight. My boyfriend suggested going to his family’s nutritionist and I told him that it would be the last time. One last chance. And I’m so glad I listened, because my nutritionist is so helpful and taught me so many things about losing weight. He taught me all I know, and told me why I wasn’t losing weight no matter how hard I tried. With his guidance, I was finally able to (and am continuing to) lose weight.

    Why You're Not Losing Weight + How to Lose 10lbs in 30 Days

    Cut Calories, Not Food!

    This is the most important part of this entire “plan”. If you’re someone that has been on diets, or if you only eat one or two meals a day, and you’re thinking why the heck you’re still gaining weight when your friend can pile on the burgers and donuts and look 1/3 of your size. << Sorry, that was my rant.

    A big piece of chicken, which can fill you up, is 300 calories whereas one slice of cheese pizza (just pizza dough with cheese on top and nothing else!) is 272 calories. Top it with some pepperoni, throw in a few more slices, and you’re up to 800 calories. With 800 calories, you could eat: 1 palm of chicken, 1 palm of fish, 2 palms of vege, and 1 palm of tofu. Basically what I mean is, you shouldn’t cut down on the amount of food you eat, but eat foods that are lower in calorie.

    Everyone has an ideal daily calorie intake, depending on a variety of factors. You can get this ideal daily calorie intake by downloading MyFitnessPal on your phone (available on Apple Store & Android – not sponsored! Just a huge fan haha) and entering your weight, height, age, and stuff like that. Not only does it calculate your ideal calorie intake, you can keep track of your daily calorie intake in the app.

    High Protein, Low Carbs

    Every meal should have more protein to carbs. You still need enough carbs to give your body enough energy, like I mentioned 2491210 times. Ugh, just shut up already, Jiawun. But yes, carbs. Important. When I say low carbs, I’m talking about simple carbs like white rice, sugars, candy, and sweetened stuff. If you want to eat simple carbs, eat a very small amount. I avoid simple carbs at all costs and swap them for complex carbs like brown rice, potatoes, vegetables, beans and lentils. However, protein is even more important. More protein, more muscles! More muscles, more calories burned per day.

    Choose Your Meats Wisely

    This might be the hardest parts for some people. I cut out red meat completely. Red meats include beef, pork, veal, lamb, etc. Some red meats contain high levels of saturated fat that raises blood cholesterol, which increases heart disease.

    Eat More Meals, and Never Skip Meals!

    Make sure you feed your body every 4 hours – say you have breakfast at 8am, make sure you eat something before 12pm. If you can’t eat lunch at 12, eat a fruit somewhere around 10am, and you can eat lunch at 1-2pm. If you’re not eating a meal in the 4 hours, grab a (healthy) snack! Another one of the most important things to losing weight is to.. Never skip meals! Ever. Capiche? Skipping meals causes your blood sugar to dip, and makes you eat more when you do eat, which will then cause your blood sugar to rise too much, and excess sugar will be stored in fat cells.


    Drinking water is so important! Water is a no-calorie drink and helps you burn calories (win-win, right?)! Every time you eat or drink, your body has to work to process it, burning calories. Not only that, sometimes when you feel hungry, you’re actually just thirsty! I make sure to drink a glass of water every hour, from when I wake up to 7pm. I limit my water intake after 7pm so I won’t have the urge to pee (lol) and disrupt my sleep in the middle of the night.

    Why You're Not Losing Weight + How to Lose 10lbs in 30 Days

    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout

    If you’re lazy like me, but you still want to work out.. HIIT workouts are your best bet! HIIT workout is basically doing high intensity exercises in shorts bursts, and last for less than 30 minutes a day. The HIIT training I’m currently doing is the Bodyboss 12-week program. I like this program because it has a 4-week Pre-training program, which is great for beginners or people who have not worked out in a long time (like moi). HIIT workouts are great because they help you burn fat AND build muscle. Cardio workouts are great at burning fat, but it’s harder to build muscle, and it’s the other way around for weight training. HIIT combines the best of the two to get you the best results.

    Pre and Post-Workout Meals

    Never, ever work out on an empty stomach, guys! My favourite pre-workout snack is a banana. It gives me enough energy to last through my workout. When you work out, it is normal to lose protein so a post-workout meal that is high in protein is essential! I don’t usually eat a full-on meal after working out, I like to carry a protein shake or a protein bar with me for my post-workout snack.

    That is everything for now, guys! If you’ve been trying to lose weight for some time now but you haven’t been seeing results, hopefully this post will help you get started. Remember, cut calories, not food! Let me know in the comments if you guys have any other tips and tricks to lose weight! 🙂

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    Save Money While Shopping With Dealspotr

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly! I LOVE Christmas! I love the holiday cheer, the Christmas carols, the gifts, and of course, the shopping! My wallet? Not so much. Christmas is the time where companies come out with amazing deals and limited edition sets that we makeup lovers just. cannot. resist! Not long after that, you realise that you haven’t bought any Christmas gifts for your loved ones, but you’re already starting to go broke AF (here we go again lol). So today, I partnered up with Dealspotr to show you how you can save money while shopping (and even earn some!). This doesn’t just apply to the holidays, you can save money while shopping all year round!

    Save Money While Shopping | DealspotrDealspotr is a platform for deals, coupons and cashbacks. More than 30,000 users add, edit and police deals to ensure all deals are accurate and working. In one short year, Dealspotr has saved shoppers over $15 million! You can earn points by various activities like posting deals, validating deals, completing your daily checklist, and referring new members. These points can then be redeemed as gift cards! If you sign up using my code, “BEAUTYNERDBYNIGHT”, you instantly get 10,000 points (worth $10) in your account.

    Deals, Deals, and More Deals!

    Whenever you want to shop, search the brand name on Dealspotr to see if there are any available deals first! There are deals ranging from electronics & tech, to beauty and cosmetics, to fitness and sports brands and more! You can browse thousands of deals by category, or by the type of deals you are looking for. These include promo codes, free shipping, freebies, and more. What’s even more cool about Dealspotr is that, you can get a customised deal feed. You can subscribe to a certain interest (mine is beauty and cosmetics, duh!), person, brand, or topic, and get a daily feed of deals customised exclusively for you based on your interest. If you find an awesome deal, you can also add the deal to Dealspotr, and earn points (more money!) while you’re at it!

    Check out some of my favourite beauty deals on Dealspotr right now:

    Earn Points and Redeem Gift Cards

    There are a ton of ways to earn points (super simple!) that will go towards redeeming a gift card. When you’re shopping online and you stumble across an amazing deal, you can add it to Dealspotr to help other users save some money. When you add a new deal, you earn points that you can use to redeem gift cards to save even more money while you shop! There is also a daily checklist which is very simple to complete, and you earn bonus points!

    The most important way to earn a ton of points is to refer new members! When a member you refer joins Dealspotr, you instantly earn points. Not only that, whenever your referral earns points, you earn a percentage of their points too. Sounds good, right? Click here to join and instantly get 10,000 points worth $10!

    Save Money While Shopping | Dealspotr

    Influencer Network

    If you’re an influencer (blogger, social media queen, etc), you can apply to be a part of Dealspotr’s Influencer Network. By becoming a part of their influencer network, you are entitled to special perks (including redeeming your points straight to PayPal), yay! You will also be able to earn additional points and have greater visibility and exposure on Dealspotr. Apart from that, you will also gain access to their partnership programs in which includes promotional events and collaborations with brands.

    I love Dealspotr, it has saved me a ton of money while shopping! I never do any online shopping without checking my Dealspotr first anymore. If you want to MAKE and save money while shopping, join Dealspotr now and you can instantly redeem $10! I hope this post was helpful to some of you, and hopefully you can save money while shopping in the future! Have you ever heard of Dealspotr? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

    Thanks for reading, xoxo


    *This is a sponsored post, and the post contains affiliate links. However, I genuinely love Dealspotr because it has helped me save a ton of money. I only recommend things to you guys that I really love. You can read my full disclosure here.

    5 Simple Steps to Make Your Period Suck Less

    Periods. Most of us girls have a love-hate relationship with our periods, right? I mean, for one, periods are a good indicator of what’s going on inside and the general health of our reproductive systems. But at the same time.. it’s uncomfortable, there’s pain, your mood’s all over the place, you know? Don’t even get me started on those cravings (or is that just me?)! It’s uncomfortable AF (Can I use AF? I mean, it’s used way too much geeez, but since I’ve already used YASSSS, so why not?). Throughout the years, I’ve found a couple of simple things that you can do to help make it a more comfortable time. So, today’s post will be on How to Make Your Period Suck Less with 5 simple tips!

    5 Ways to Make Your Period Suck Less

    A little background of my personal experiences with periods! I’ve had mine for almost a decade now, which is kind of crazy when I think about it. Since the second year of getting my period, I’ve always had terrible abdominal cramps on the first day of my period. As I age, it seems to get slightly better. But boy, it was so bad back then! These cramps were so terrible that I could barely function. It hurt so bad that I would start to feel nauseous and I wasn’t able to keep food down. Then there were the cold sweats. I’ve done my fair share of complaining now haha, so lets just get into 5 simple ways to make your period suck less!

    1. To Combat the Cramps!

    Honestly, sometimes the best way to get rid of cramps is to rest. But nobody’s got time for that, right? Cramps just seem to come at the worst time when you’re in the middle of something important. For this purpose, I always have pain killers in my purse. There are a ton of different pain killers you can use – the most well-known one being ibuprofen, but I use a paracetamol that my doctor suggested. I only take a pain killer if my cramps are really bad and I can’t function well, otherwise I just let it be. Usually, I down a pill, and the pain will slowly subside within the next 30 minutes.

    I know pain killers aren’t for everyone. When I first started having cramps, I was determined to find a more natural way of getting rid of the pain. There are some other things to help with cramps which aren’t as effective as pain killers, but they do help. These include a warm herbal tea, hot water bottles, and a warm bath. These work to reduce the pain to some extent, but you want to make sure they are not too hot. In my experience, using a hot water bottle that was too hot made my cramps much worse.

    5 Ways to Make Your Period Suck Less

    2. To Get Rid of the “Uncomfortable”

    One of the things that I find the most uncomfortable about a period, is that gross feeling down there. I’m gonna first apologise for using multiple cringy words all at once but.. That moist (ew), humid (ew), warm (ew) feeling down there, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Don’t even get me started on sneezing, and the feeling of the effects of gravity when you stand up after sitting down for a while. Well, of course, this only applies if you wear a pad! Which brings me to my next “tip” – try wearing a tampon instead!

    I’ve only started using tampons a year ago. It was my sister who suggested trying on a tampon, and let me tell you – it’s the best decision I’ve made regarding my period! It was scary at first, but it only took me two tries to get the hang of it! If you’ve inserted the tampon right, it feels like there’s nothing there! It’s like a little plug that keeps all that disgusting adjectives I’ve mentioned away. With a tampon, you always feel clean and fresh down there. But make sure you change it often, though! With tampons, there is a risk of toxic shock syndrome, which a pamphlet that comes with every tampon box will explain. So make sure you read it through, and change your tampon every 4-6 hours!

    3. Bye-bye Stains!

    One of the worst parts about a period is the accidental stains. Eventhough they’re ugly and look like grandma undies, get yourself a pair of period undies – they are life changing! They’re made of a material that, even if you leak out of your pad/tampon, it won’t transfer to your pants unless it’s a huge leak. Of course, the number one way to prevent stains is to change your tampon/pad regularly. Another thing I like to do to prevent stains in case of a leak when I’m sleeping is to lay a towel (I have a designated towel I now call my period towel) where your butt would touch your bed. Even if you leak, you won’t ruin your bedding or worse.. the actual mattress. All you have to do is wash the towel. Stains? Warm water and soap. No worries!

    5 Ways to Make Your Period Suck Less | Distract

    4. Period? What Period?

    Yes, the best way to make your period suck less is to get your mind off it! Stop thinking about it! I remember my cramps would get so much worse if I focused on it and when I constantly asked myself “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!”. So now what I like to do is to binge-watch something on Netflix, with a hot cocoa or some fruit tea. It makes a huge difference! Do something you like to do to get your mind off it. Play a game, read a good book, watch a movie, anything at all!

    5 Ways to Make Your Period Suck Less | Exercise

    5. The Lifestyle Change

    This might be the one you’re dreading (I know I was).. but it’s one of the best ways to make your period suck less! It’s a lifestyle change. Exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, and eat your veggies and fruits! Not just on your period, but in your every day life too. Keeping your body healthy is so important! After being more active and eating more fruits, I definitely noticed a change. My cramps, even though they were still there, weren’t that bad anymore.

    You don’t have to do vigorous exercise every day. Just do a little bit more. Park your car further away, walk instead of driving short distances, and take a stroll through the park! If you’re like me and you struggle with drinking enough water, try infusing your water with fruits. My favourite combination is strawberries and lemon. If you don’t eat enough veggies or fruits, try having a fruit + veggie smoothie for breakfast. Putting spinach in your smoothie makes it look too green and veggie-like, but it’s tasteless, I promise! All you’ll taste are the fruits!

    + 6. Put Away the Cold Drinks, Maybe?

    Honestly, this is a traditional Chinese “superstition”. Or so I thought. I had to learn this the hard way. According to traditional Chinese medicine doctors, cold is associated with contraction. Menstrual cramps are caused by your uterus contracting, so drinking cold drinks will make your cramps worse. I’ve been told by my mum that ice on your period is a big no-no. I’ve always thought it was some sort of superstition, so one day I drank an iced milk tea, yum. That night, not only did I get cramps (which was on my third day, which is unusual for me), but my flow got really heavy. However, I have a ton of Western friends who drink iced drinks during their period and nothing happens. I’m really curious about this, so let me know in the comments if you drink iced drinks on your period! It might be an old wives’ tale, but if you do drink cold drinks on your period and get cramps, it wouldn’t hurt to try this out.

    So those were my 5 (and an extra, maybe 1) tips to make your period suck less! Hopefully it was helpful to some of you! I know I’ve struggled with my period for a couple of years, but these have helped me so much. If you have any other tips that you do to make your period suck less, let us know in the comments and we can help each other out!

    Thanks for reading, xoxo



    Why Every College Student Needs a Planner | Mossery

    Ahhhh… planners. A gift from the organisation gods. I’ve never been very organised but I didn’t think it mattered much, that is, until college. As a college student, especially if you’re a freshie, things can get hectic very quickly. It’s a huge transition from high school where your teachers constantly nag remind you of your homework, to college where the only reminder you get is when your friends tell you how stressed they are about having to hand in the assignment in two days, in which you’d be like, “WAIT. WHAT!?”. Been there, done that! After that, I picked up my first planner, which saved me from a ton of missed tests and assignments. So today I partnered up with Mossery, to give you 5 Reasons Why Every College Student Needs a Planner! I also have a 15% discount code for you guys at the bottom of this post!

    Why Every College Student Needs a Planner

    Why Every College Student Needs a Planner | Mossery Planners

    Mossery is a Malaysian brand that was founded in 2011 to create stationery that aims to inspire people around the world to unleash their creativity and to be productive. They sell gorgeous stationery like planners, notebooks, sketchbooks, greeting cards, and accessories. What’s cool about Mossery is that, not only do they have a variety of different designs, but their planners and notebooks are customisable! You can choose a custom name on the cover, where you can put in your name, or a word that inspires you, etc. Their planners have five different text paper options, where you can choose if you want a weekly or monthly planner, and if you want lines or grids.

    You can check out the variety of different planner designs on their website, the one I have is called Watermelon. I actually have my eyes set on the gorgeous Biscuit Blue design, but I’m still contemplating if I actually need two different planners, lol. Back to the topic at hand, here are 5 Reasons Why Every College Student Needs a Planner!

    Why Every College Student Needs a Planner | Mossery Planners

    1. Time Management & Stress Relief

    College is the time when you join different clubs, socialise, and have fun! How hard can that be, right? Well, with classes and assignments, and tests, and of course, the dreaded finals, it wouldn’t be too long before you say “I just don’t have time for that!” to sports, clubs, and events. This is the main reason why you need a planner! When you don’t plan your days in advance, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have time for anything. But I promise you, plan out and write down everything you need to do, and you’ll see that you have time. Sometimes it sounds like a lot, but when you break it down and plan it out, it really isn’t as bad as it seems!

    Why Every College Student Needs a Planner

    2. Increase Your Productivity with To-Do Lists

    With the Mossery Weekly Planners, you can plan out your daily tasks. In this section, I like to list down what I need to do each day, and highlight the most important tasks. You can definitely just list them down according to importance, but I love adding colour to everything. Besides my to-do list, I also have a little checklist of daily “goals” that I’m trying to reach. Now I don’t know if it’s just me, but when there’s a checklist, I WANT TO CHECK THEM ALL. The to-do list increases my productivity while the checklist helps me meet mini-goals!

    Why Every College Student Needs a Planner

    3. Never Forget An Assignment or Test Again

    I don’t know how many times my planner has helped me in remembering the due dates of assignments and reports. When the lecturer tells us the due dates of assignments or test dates, I used to just try to remember it. Or put it in the notes section on my phone, which I will eventually forget I did. Of course, important dates are available in your unit guide, but how many of us actually read the unit guide? The Mossery planners have a monthly planner page where you can put in all the important events in that month! I put in all my due dates here and I check this page religiously to make sure I don’t forget!

    Why Every College Student Needs a PlannerWhy Every College Student Needs a Planner

    4. Be Inspired and Reach Your Goals!

    The Mossery planners have a “Plan” page for each month where you can write down huge projects that need to be done that month. I use this page for goals, though! As you can see, I put in some college goals and also personal goals, like lose 5 pounds, drink more water, etc. Below every weekly planning page in the Mossery planner, there is an inspirational quote to help you keep going when you’re feeling blah. I love that they added this section and it just makes me love my planner more. Each week’s quote is different and always so motivational.

    Why Every College Student Needs a Planner

    5. Planners. Are. So. Gorgeous!

    Maybe it’s just me, but when something looks this pretty, I just want to use it more. There probably is some sort of scientific or psychological experiment for this. There is literally so many different planner designs out there in the world, that there is bound to be one for everyone. Mossery has a ton of different designs that range from girly to chic (Use my code BEAUTYNERD15 for 15% off!). I mean, who doesn’t like pretty things? When you love it, you use it more, which in turn helps you stay organised! Win-win, right? 😉

    Those are the 5 Reasons Why Every College Student Needs a Planner. Seriously, it’s college-life-saving. Hopefully I’ve convinced you! Trust me, you’ll thank me a month down the road! If you’re looking for an amazing, affordable planner that is super gorgeous, check out Mossery.

    Mossery Planners retail for $23, but you can get it for less than $20 at 15% off with my code, “BEAUTYNERD15″, valid till November 23 2016.

    Mossery Planners:

    Why Every College Student Needs a Planner

    I hope this post was helpful to you if you weren’t sure if you needed a planner for college! Planners can be used for so many different things, not just college, but for work, blogging, etc. If you feel like your life is a little bit disorganised, maybe it’s time for a planner? 🙂 Do you use a planner? What’s your favourite thing about using a planner? Let me know in the comments down below!

    Thanks for reading, xoxo


    *The planner was sent to me by Mossery. This does not influence my thoughts and I only recommend things that I personally love! To read my full disclosure, click here.