REVIEW + DEMO: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Face Scrub

    Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Picture
    This baby right here.. is my precious! This is my Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Face Scrub. It states that it’s a daily scrub, but my dermatologist recommended using it twice or thrice a week. I have mentioned that a face scrub is essential in every girl’s stash. It’s a must! Dry, flaky skin is not cute.
    Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Powder
    Picture of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
    Pour some of the powder on to your palm and add some water until it becomes a paste consistency but still grainy. 
    Picture of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant on Face
    Rub that into your face starting with your cheeks and it should look something like this!
    Picture of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant on Face
    With damp palms, continue rubbing it into your skin and it will become less grainy and soak in a little bit more.
    Picture of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant on Face
    Wash it off. I refuse to show my face :p
    Picture of Result from using Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
    And you’re left with smooth and soft-to-the-touch skin! Woo!
    This exfoliating powder is rice-based. It has changed my life! I used to have really dark and dull skin. After exfoliating, your skin will look bright and will feel soft. 
    RRP: $50 on (75g/2.6oz)
    This is very pricey at $50, but it comes in a very big bottle. This has lasted me for more than a year now and I absolutely adore this product! I definitely recommend this to anyone in search of a gentle and effective face scrub!
    (5 out of 5)

    My Favourite Products! (GUEST POST from ExtraExtravagant)

    Hello, world.
    I have been invited to write a post on BNBN. For my very first guest post, I will be sharing my favorite products with you.
    There are a standard set of products that I use for my everyday look. These are products that help me effortlessly achieve my everyday look. Since there are too many elements involved, I will only be sharing with you the cosmetics.
    The foundation that I use is the Matifying Compact Foundation in D20 Warm Nude from the Sephora collection. You can find this product in Sephora for $20. If youre looking for flawless coverage, this is not the foundation for you. I use it for smoothing.
    The bronzer that I use is the Translucent Mineral Powder in Golden Bronze by Cover FX. For some reason, I cant find this product even though Im pretty sure I bought it from Sephora. There is, however, a similar product called the Radiant FX Luminescent Powder. It also comes in Golden Bronze. You can find it in Sephora for $32. This is actually a setting powder, I believe, but I thought Id use it as a bronzer because it wouldnt be as dark. It didnt work, LOL. Im actually in the market for a new bronzer.
    The blush that I use is the Fionatto Blush in 01 Light Pink by Elianto. I bought this in Malaysia and I dont remember how much it was. I like this blush because it blends in perfectly with my skin, giving it a very natural flush.
    The eye primer that I use is the High Definition Eye Shadow Base by NYX. I bought this along with two other eye primers when they were on sale on HauteLook and I cant remember how much they were. This is an awesome product because not only does it smooth out your eyelids for your eyeshadow, it also helps your eyeshadow last a LONG time.
    The eyeshadows that I use come from a limited edition ELF palette that I cant find anymore, LOL. ELF always has limited edition products coming and going. However, I do warn you that their products are very hit-and-miss. When theyre good, theyre awesome. When theyre not, theyre horrible. The palette that I have, for example, I can only use a few of the colors because the others just. . .suck. I cant even tell you which colors I use from the palette because theyre not labeled.
    I use three different eyeliners for EVERY look. I get very OCD with eyeliner because I wear a lot of it ALL THE TIME so I have to make it PERFECT. And I achieve that through these eyeliners: a pencil eyeliner in 161 Black Magic by Rimmel, the Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black by Eyeko, and a liquid eyeliner in 4203 Black by ELF. These my are three favorite eyeliners as you can probably tell from the size of the Rimmel, LOL.
    There is one other eyeliner that I use, which is a pencil eyeliner in 28 White by Jordana. I use it on my bottom lashline to make my eyes look bigger but I dont recommend this eyeliner because it is very, very, VERY NOT pigmented. I still use it only because it shades (Yes, SHADES) the eyeshadow that I have on my bottom lashline. It turns the black into a very pretty grey, LOL.
    I use two kinds of mascara: volumizing and lengthening. I dont trust the two-in-one kind because they just dont produce better results than actually using two types. For volumizing, I like the Volume Plumping Mascara in Black by ELF. For lengthening, I like the lengthening mascara in Extreme Black from the Fibre Lashxtend collection by ModelCo. One coat of each gives you the prettiest eyelashes ever.
    Last but not least, because I always have on really dark eye makeup (and clothes), I like to punctuate it with bright red lips. My favorite lip product right now is actually a lip stain. I LOVE Stainaic by TheBalm. It applies really easily, is highly pigmented, and stays for a long time. The only downside thats keeping me from wearing it nowadays is that it dries your lips. Sad.
    So, there you have it! My favorite products for my everyday look.
    Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.
    About the Author:
    Cecilia Phng is the writer of the beauty blog ExtraExtravagant. Follow her for guides, reviews, and hauls.

    Bad Beauty Habits to Break into the New Year!

    Whether it be not taking off your makeup, or scrubbing your face too much; we all have beauty habits, be it good or bad. But what are the bad beauty habits that can do harm in the long run? 
    Today is New Year’s Day! What better time to break your bad beauty habits than New Years Day?Today I’ve compiled a list of bad beauty habits which many of us (myself included) are guilty of.
    1. Not Washing Brushes Regularly

    Washing brushes can take up a really long time, especially if you have a really big collection. Brush cleaners are also very pricey.
    HOW TO SOLVE: Listen to music when you wash your brushes! Sing along and that way, you’ll never get bored. If you don’t like music (which is highly unlikely), then watch YouTube videos. Watch mine! :p
    For pricey brush cleaners, just make your own! There are many do-it-yourself recipes online but what I use is I just mix a mild shampoo with water! And it works wonders! I also use some rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit in some countries) in a spray bottle and spray it on the brush after each use to disinfect it.
    2. Popping Zits/Pimples/Acne

    We all know this is a bad habit, but we always have the urge to do it anyway. Popping zits will not only transfer bacteria from your hand to your face (thus causing more zits!), it will also leave a scar. Scars can stick with you for a long, long, long time!
    HOW TO SOLVE: When you’re looking in the mirror and you see a huge, pulsating zit, you immediately want to pop it. BUT NO. Try to distract your hands by fixing your hair, reapplying lipstick or Instagram your outfit! And try to stop looking in the mirror as often.
    3. Not Taking Off Makeup Before You Sleep

    This is something that probably majority of us are guilty of. Not taking off your makeup before you sleep is like putting salt on your wound. In the morning, dust and dirt from the air sticks to our skin.  The makeup and dust will clog up your pores and cause you to break out more and then you’d be tempted to pop your zit!! 
    HOW TO SOLVE: Makeup cleansing wipes are your best friends! Keep a packet on your bedside table and when you’re tired and sleepy after a long day, just grab a wipe and remove the makeup on your face. Granted, it’s not as clean as washing your face with a cleanser, but it’s better than not doing anything at all! So make sure to pick up makeup wipes on your next makeup run if you work and study long hours.
    4. Touching Your Face

    What’s wrong with touching my face??!! Well, similar to popping your zits, the contact between your hands and the face will transfer bacteria and cause you to break out more. Touching your face can also lead to you catching a flu.
    HOW TO SOLVE: Again, distract your hands! Take pictures, touch your hair! This is the hardest habit to break because we’re so used to it. Most of all, do not give up!
    5. Rubbing Your Eyes

    Rubbing your eyes is the only way to get rid of that annoying itch! It not only transfers bacteria, but can also lead to an increased pressure in the eye. This, might then cause more severe problems in the long run.
    HOW TO SOLVE: Sometimes our eyes itch because they’re dry, so keep a bottle of eye drops in your purse and at home. Eye drops can also help wash away the dirt or pollutant that may be irritating our eyes.
    So if you didn’t make any resolutions, now’s a great time to start! No excuses! Let 2013 be a happy, healthy and beautiful year!
    Happy New Year everyone! <3
    What’s YOUR New Year’s Resolution?

    Christmas Countdown!: EASY HOLIDAY STRIPED NAILS! (Pictures + Video Tutorial)

    CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN: 6 days to go.
    So I was sitting down looking at my nail art supplies wanting to do something really easy to do but will still look gorgeous. Then I saw my striping tape and I remember seeing this nail art a lot of Pinterest, so I decided to give it a go.
    I have to first say that I’m sorry it’s so messy. When I was painting my nails, I was too lazy to remove the mess made on the sides. I have also already been wearing this manicure for about 3 days when I took the photos, so it may be a little chipped. Sorry in advance <3
    All pictures were taken with flash.
    Picture of Nail Art
    Picture of Nail Art
    I used all Elianto Nail Polishes.
    Picture of Nail Art
    Picture of Nail Art
    Picture of Nail Art
    I also made a little tutorial on how you can achieve these nails! Take a look 🙂
    Thank you so much for reading loves! <3 See you tomorrow for another day of Christmas Countdown!

    For HER: Holiday Gift Guide! (PART 1: BEAUTY)

    Hey guys! Christmas is just around the corner, well.. actually.. it’s exactly a month away. So, I thought I’d do a holiday gift guide series. Firstly, I’ll do Part 1 for HER & HIM, which is beauty-related (fragrances, skincare, makeup, etc.) and then I’ll do a Part 2 for HER & HIM, which will be for miscellaneous things.
    I have a holiday guide for last year too!
    These items are what I personally feel girls who love beauty products (like moi) will like to receive for Christmas! So, without further adieu, LETS GO!
    1. TARTE Carried Away Collector’s Set ($54)
    Tarte Carried Away Holiday Makeup Set
    Excuse me while I drool over this awesome palette.
    Alright. Seriously? 
    8 Maracuja Lip Glosses
    Sample of their famous Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara
    Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Adventurous (shimmery rose colour)
    A Face Brush
    Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder
    24 Amazonian Clay Eyeshadows
    Cute bag that’s awesome for travelling!
    What more can I say? All these products for $54. I think it’s well worth it. If I got this for Christmas, I would freak. *HINT*
    2. Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection ($59)
    Lorac Candy Bar Makeup Set
    Lorac Candy Bar Makeup Set 2
    Okay.. How freaking cute is this collection?!
    Does the girl you’re shopping for like makeup AND candy? LORAC has just made that easier for you! I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and this is adorable!
    It comes with:
    4 eyeshadow quads in Ooh La La Vanilla, Caramel Love Affair, Tantalizing Cocoa, Blackberry Truffle Seduction
    A cream eyeliner palette in Mesmerizing Dark Chocolate
    A Cheek & Lip Tint palette in Indulge in Berry Kisses
    The only down side to this palette is that the colours in all the 4 quads are pretty similar but in a different finish.
    3. Amika Interchangeable Barrel Curler Set ($175)
    Amika Interchangeable Hair Curler Set
    I think anyone would love this product! Want beachy waves, but don’t have the right barrel size? This is your solution. 
    4. Urban Decay Vice Palette ($59)
    Urban Decay Vice Makeup Palette
    Urban Decay has a name for amazing palettes like the Naked series. This palette is no different! 20 eyeshadows with a variety of colours, ranging from neutral to bold and colourful! This is definitely a palette that is versatile and will be loved by many.
    5. e.l.f Essential Makeup Collection – 83pcs ($15 at Target)
    e.l.f 83pc Makeup Palette
    e.l.f is an amazing brand! This set comes with 64 eyeshadow colours, 8 lip gloss colours, 4 blushes, 4 bronzers, a lip brush, a face brush and an eye brush.. And get this… it’s only $15 on the Target website! A great stocking stuffer!
    6. Sephora Fragrance Sampler for Her ($50)
    Sephora Fragrance Sampler for Her 2012
    This is an amazing deal! You can buy this set for yourself or for someone else, sample all the fragrances, choose your favourite one & head over to a Sephora near you to redeem a free Full-Size of the favourite scent you chose. How awesome is that?
    This set comes with 12 sample sizes of most sought-after fragrances which include: Viva La Juicy La Fleur, Marc Jacobs Dot, Coach Poppy, DKNY Be Delicious, Gucci Guilty Intense, etc.
    7. Lush 12 Days of Christmas Gift Set ($87.95)
    Lush Cosmetics 12 Days of Christmas Gift Set
    Who could resist a nice, long, relaxing bath with Lush products? NOT ME! I have been an absolute fan of Lush ever since I first bought it. This set comes with, well.. 12 products. One for each day of Christmas :p No more partridges in pear trees. 
    It comes with:
    2.1oz Angel’s Delight Soap
    3.5oz Snow Globe Soap
    2.1oz Snowcake Soap
    2.8oz Melting Snowman Luxury Bath Melt
    3.5oz Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
    3.5oz Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
    4.9oz Santa’s Sack Bubble Bar
    3.1oz Cinders Bath Bomb
    6.3oz Father Christmas Bath Bomb
    6oz So White Bath Bomb
    6.3oz Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
    3.1oz Party Popper Bath Bomb
    I would LOVE this for Christmas. :p
    8. Bath & Body Works Mini To-go Sets in Paris Amour ($19.50)
    Bath & Body Works Body Products Paris Amour Set
    Bath & Body Works are known for amazing scented products. It comes with a shower gel, body lotion & fragrance mist: All 3oz each! Romantic tulip & pink champagne scent!
    9. Sephora by O.P.I Tinsel Town Nail Polish Set ($49.50)
    Sephora by OPI Tinsel Town Nail Polish Set
    This nail polish set comes with 16 mini nail polish colours and a full-sized golden jewel topcoat. This is a must-have for every girl!
    10. Ciaté Velvet Manicure ($19)

    Ciate Velvet Manicure
    Okay, seriously? This is just cool! SUPER cool. Ciate is known to come out with creative nail ideas.. like the  awesome Caviar nail design. Now they’ve come out with a Velvet Manicure. How cool is that?! Enough said.
    That’s all for my holiday gift guide for her: part 1! Check back soon for my Gift Guide for HIM: Part 1!
    What do you want for Christmas?