SWATCH – Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks

    Being a girl that was stuck in a 6 hours flight, bored with nothing else to do because I obviously wasn’t prepared for a flight. I looked through the SkyShop catalogue in the Cosmetics section (who knew? hahaha) and found this!!! SUPERLUSTROUS LIP CUBE!!! 😮 I’ve never tried the Super Lustrous Lipsticks.
    It comes with 9 lip sticks. The swatches on my hand will be at the bottom 🙂
    The first shade is:
    475 Icy Violet
    613 Just Enough Buff
    467 Plum Baby
    619 Rose & Shine
    610 Goldpearl Plum
    487 Cherry Blossom
    616 Wink For Pink
    103 Caramel Glace
    205 Champagne On Ice
    Swatches on my hand!:
    These are not the whole line of Super Lustrous Lipsticks. There are so many shades and that is a plus in my book!
    To me, the formula is nothing special. Just typical lipstick, not very moisturizing, but a big variety of shades. SO YAY! I love the colours that come in this Super Lustrous Lip Cube 🙂
    Thanks for reading! <3